Saturday, July 27, 2019

Godzilla: King of the Monsters - Bear McCreary, 2019

Godzilla: King of the Monsters
1 Godzilla (feat. Serj Tankian) (End title 1)
2 Godzilla Main Title (unused)
3 Memories of San Francisco (SF Flashback, TV montage)
4 The Larva (Yunnan: Mothra emerges in base, angry, Orca Pacifies Her)
5 Welcome to Monarch (Mark Landing at Sea HQ, Briefing)
6 Outpost 32 (Terrorists Arrival, Monster Zero, Argo approaches, Squad Searches, Mark's Crosswalk Rejection)
7 Ice Breaker (Ice Wall Collapses, Mark Goes Back For Squad)
8 Rise of Ghidorah (Ghidorah Appears, Kills Squad)
9 Old Rivals (Ghidorah Threatens Osprey, G Appears, Battle, Ghidorah Flies Off)
10 The First Gods (Emma's Confession and Intentions/Eco-montage)
11 Rodan (Rodan Emerges from Volcano, Destroys Flight Squadron, Fights Ghidorah)
12 A Mass Awakening (Ghidorah Approaches, G Again, Oxygen Destroyer 1:07, G Dies, Titans Awaken Montage, Mothra Awakens from Cocoon)
13 The One Who is Many (Legend of Ghidorah as Alien Revealed, Everyone Has Theories About Ghidorah)
14 Queen Of the Monsters (Mothra Arrives at Sea HQ and Calls G, Sub Departs to Nuke G)
15 For Andrew (Serizawa's Fortune Cookie Speech)
16 Stealing The Orca (Madison Sneaking in Ducts/Corridors)
17 The Hollow Earth (Underwater City Ruins, G's Lava Home, Madison Begins Broadcasting Orca Signal)
18 The Key to Coexistence (Serizawa's Farewell Before Suicide Mission)
19 Goodbye Old Friend (Serizawa's Journey to Trigger Nuke, Eyes G)
20 Rebirth (G Emerges from Whirlpool, Staredown with Mark)
21 Fog Over Fenway (Ghidorah Arrives, Stops Madison's Signal, Chases Madison)
22 Battle in Boston (G v Ghidorah, Rodan v Mothra, Madison found 4:35, G Dropped From Sky, Mothra's Sacrifice)
23 Redemption (Fixing Orca, Emma Draws Off Ghidorah in Jeep to Give Godzilla Time)
24 King of the Monsters (G Destroys Ghidorah, Monsters Kneel)
25 Ghidorah Theme
26 Mothra's Song

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Wonder Woman (Rupert Gregson-Williams, 2017)

Wonder Woman - Rupert Gregson-Williams
1 Amazons Of Themyscira (Logos, Paris, Photo, Young Diana 2:20, Watches Amazons Train, Adult Duel, Bracelets Explode)
2 History Lesson (Hyppolyta Story of Zeus & Ares, Themyscyra, Godkiller Sword 4:15, Training)
3 Angel On The Wing (Sorry Diana, Cliff 0:53, Plane Crash Rescue, Germans Discover Island)
4 Ludendorff, Enough! (Ludendorff Arrives, Speaks w Dr Maru, Super Strength Powder, Kills Generals)
5 Pain, Loss & Love (Gassed Village, Diana Angry/Leaving the Island 1:27, First Kiss 3:52)
6 No Man's Land (Diana Goes Into Action, Germans Routed, Diana Charges Into Alley, Diana Indoor Battle 3:09, W Steve Ground Fight, Sniper, Victory Photo Op)
7 Fausta (Diana Enters Ballroom, Approaches L, Dance w L, Diana Stopped by Steve 2:04, Diana Horse Pursuit)
8 Wonder Woman's Wrath (Horse Pursuit, Battle L in Watchtower 1:03, Kills L, War Continues)
9 The God Of War (Ares Reveal Watchtower, Steve Disguise 0:41, Ares Speech, Sword Broken 2:03, Ares FB Speech, Ares' Explosion 5:11, God Battle, Steve Plans)
10 We Are All To Blame (Diana Asks Steve Why, Steve Defends Humanity, Asks For Diana's Help, Goes After Gas Bombs Alone)
11 Hell Hath No Fury (Steve Plane Sacrifice, Diana Rages, Ares Encourages 1:30, Maru Threatened, Steve's Voice)
12 Lightning Strikes (Steve's Sacrifice Message, Defies Ares, Bracelets Kill Ares)
13 Trafalgar Celebration (Sunrise, London Victory Celebration 1:28, Steve Trafalgar Photo, VO in Present)
14 Action Reaction (Extended Intro, End Title 2 2:00, Extended Outro 4:01)

The Wolverine (Marco Beltrami, 2013)

The Wolverine - Marco Beltrami
Trk Title/Narrative Film seq
1 A Walk in the Woods (Friendly Bear in Woods) 2
2 Threnody for Nagasaki (Harakiri before Bombs, Run for Shelter, unused) 1
3 Bear Euthanasia (Destroyed Camp, Stabbing Dying Bear) 3
4 Logan's Run (Saved by Archer at Funeral Fight, Street Chase, Pachinko Stab and Ueno Station 2:20) 8
5 The Offer (Yashida Offers a Normal Life For Logan in Exchange for Powers) 5
6 Arriving at the Temple (Arrival at Yashida's Funeral, Archer on Rooftop) 6
7 Funeral Fight (Suspicious Logan, Shot, Trying to Save Mariko) 7
8 Two Handed (Revisiting the Well, Yashida Gives Logan Sword, Out of Well (FB), Who's Jean?) 11
9 Bullet Train (Bleeding in Train Bathroom, Yakuza Appear, To Outside of Bullet Train) 9
10 The Snare (Conversations over Diner, Phone, etc alt unused) 10
11 Abduction (Mariko Abducted, Chase, Interrogation, Yukio Drives Logan to Noburo) 13
12 Trusting (Mariko and Logan Kiss) 12
13 Ninja Quiet (Heading to Yashida Castle, Challenged by Archer) 16
14 Katana Surgery (Removing the Parasites, Yukio v Shingen, Logan v Shingen) 14
15 The Wolverine (Logan Kills Shingen) 15
16 The Hidden Fortress (Logan Motorcycle, Rides Into Town, Challenged by Archer, Battle w Black Clan, Yukio Deathmobile, Pinned, Poisoned (unr ver) 17
17 Silver Samurai (Logan Pursued, Viper v Yukio, Fall, Archer Death) 18
18 Sword of Vengeance (Logan Loses Both Claws, Yukio Beats Viper, Yashida Sucks Logan, Mariko Stops Him, Bone Claws) 19
19 Dreams (Last Dream w Jean, Airport Transition) 20
20 Goodbye Mariko (Kiss Goodbye to Mariko) 21
21 Where To? (Take Off w Yukio, End Credit) 22
22 Whole Step Haiku (End Credit 2 edit) 23
23 Yukio (Bar - Yukio Appears and Scares off Hunters w Swordplay) 4