Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Iron Man 3 (Brian Tyler, 2013)

Iron Man 3 - Brian Tyler
1 Iron Man 3 (Iron Man 3 March (Unused))
2 War Machine (TV Challenge, Crime Analysis 1:08, IPatriot Captured 3:29, Rhodey Mistake 3:44, 2nd Time 4:26, Tony Captured Mattress Maya 4:56, Killian's Story)
3 Attack on 10880 Malibu Point (Missile Hits, Pepper in Suit, Tony v Missiles 0:36, Tony Suits Up, Falling 2:31, Underwater Hand, Takeoff)
4 Isolation (Snow, Jarvis Out, Dragging Suit, Msg to Pepper, Garage Hideout)
5 Dive Bombers (Tony Begins Catching Passengers Pt 2)
6 New Beginnings (Tony Blows Up Suits in Sky/VO w Arrest Montage, New Heart, Rewards, Chestpiece Over Cliff)
7 Extremis (Announcing IPatriot/Killian Roof 0:34, Present Day/Brain Holo 1:45/Hospital Happy 3:48/1st Anxiety Attack 4:22)
8 Stark (End Credits 2/Pursuit of Falling Pepper on Ship, Rhodey Saves Prez 2:36)
9 Leverage (Pepper Video, Killian Kills Maya/AIM (alt) 1:06/Barrel of Monkeys 1:46)
10 The Mandarin (Tony Nightmare, Good Hunting 0:30/Happy at Theatre Meeting 1:06, Savin Fight, Explosion)
11 Heat and Iron (Prez Safe, Reaching for Pepper, Miss, v Killian Again, Mk 42 Crash, Killian Blows/Killian Survives (alt) 3:46)
12 Misfire (AIM Video of Transformations, Accident Explosion/Tony's Armor Arrives 2:13, Partial Armor Battle)
13 Culmination (Killian Pepper Pres Talk, Tony Rhodey Dock Sneak 0:41, Prez Strung Up, Shootout)
14 The Mechanic (Roadside Anxiety Attack/Maya Spots Missiles Coming 1:10/Inventions 2:11, Mansion Infiltration, Backstage Bedroom)
15 Hot Pepper (Pepper Attacks/Savin Watertower Melt 0:50, Harley and Friends in Water, Tony Uses Chestpiece on Kid (deleted))
16 Another Lesson from the Mandarin (Killian Phone, Mandy Arrives, Transmission)
17 Dr. Wu (unused)
18 Return (Tony Pepper Bed/Intro VO Suit Explosions/Savin Dies, Tony Catching Passengers 1/Brandy Fight 4:10, Blaze, Microwave Boom)
19 Battle Finale (Suits Arrive, Suits v Mutants, Tony Suited 2:40, Finds Pepper Trapped)
20 Can You Dig It (Main On End Title)

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