Monday, July 22, 2019

Captain America - The First Avenger (Alan Silvestri, 2011)

Captain America: The First Avenger - Alan Silvestri
1 Captain America Main Titles (Logos (Slow Ver, Unused))
2 Frozen Wasteland (Discussion in Frozen Land, Ship Reveal, Drilling)
3 Schmidt's Treasure (Schmidt's Arrival, Fake Cube, Yggdrasill, Schmidt Opens Box)
4 Farewell to Bucky (Erskine Sees Steve Say Goodbye to Bucky, After Alley Fight to Expo)
5 Hydra Lab (Schmidt and Zola in Hideout, Schmidt Amazed By Power of Cube)
6 Training the Supersoldier
7 Schmidt's Story
8 Vitarays (Arrival at Antique store Front, Lab Reveal/Serum Infusion, Vita Rays (unused))
9 Captain America "We Did It" (Captain America Emerges, Sabotage & Erskine Dies)
10 Kruger Chase (Peggy Shoots at Car, Steve On Foot, Car Hood)
11 Hostage On the Pier (Kid Hostage, I Can Swim, Escape Sub, Cyanide)
12 General's Resign (Generals Criticize Schmidt/Schmidt Blasts Generals)
13 Unauthorized Night Flight (Senator Brandt's Proposal/Steve Plans/Stark Plane)
14 Troop Liberation (Parachute Leap/Steve Boards Truck/Rescue of Prisoners)
15 Factory Inferno (Schmidt Packs Up, Bucky in Lab, Explosion/Steve v Skull, Demasks, Crossing Inferno)
16 Triumphant Return (of Cap & Howling Commandoes)
17 Howling Commando's Montage (Uniform Ideas, Invaders montage)
18 Hydra Train (Hydra Train Wire Approach & Landing, Shootout)
19 Rain Fire Upon Them (Zola Interrogation, Schmidt Speech at Valkyrie, Hydra Army)
20 Motorcycle Mayhem (Weaponized Motorcycle Alps Approach, Surrounded, Taken to Schmidt)
21 Invasion (Commandoes Swing In Thru Window, Skull Escape, Valkyrie Runway Chase)
22 Flight On the Flight Deck (Labelled Bombs, Catwalk Fight, Jump After BuzzBomb/Cap v Skull, Plane Dive, Skull Picks Up Cube)
23 This Is My Choice (Last Radio Transmission to Peggy, Wreck Sinks, Victory Montage)
24 Passage of Time (Stark Finds Cube in Water, Peggy & Steve's File, Montage)
25 Captain America (Theme, unused)
26 Star Spangled Man
27 Captain America March (End Credit 1)

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