Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Black Panther (Ludwig Göransson, 2018)

Black Panther - Ludwig Göransson
1 Wakanda Origins (animated history)
2 Royal Talon Fighter (Nigeria, jump, stalk truck), Hi Nakia 2:45
3 Baaba Maal - Wakanda (Trip to, through shield)
4 Warrior Falls (Ceremony, depowered)
5 The Jabari (tribe and Mbaku arrive)
6 Waterfall Fight (w Mbaku, crowned victory)
7 (Ceremony for ) Ancestral Plane, talk w Tchaka
8 Killmonger (Museum heist, Klaue gets vibranium)
9 Phambili (throne room report on Klaue, arrival at Shuri's cave)
10 (Klaue arrives) Casino Brawl (Klaue arm blaster)
11 Busan Car Chase
12 (Ross) Questioning Klaue (about Wakanda)
13 Outsider (Killmonger attack, Klaue last speech)
14 Is This Wakanda? (Ross wakes in Wakanda, Killmonger arrival reported)
15 Killmonger's (throne) Challenge
16 Killmonger vs T'Challa (at Waterfall), Kills Zuri, Tchalla
17 Loyal to the Throne (Okoye stays, Nakia leads Mom out)
18 Killmonger's Dream (FB Ritual)
19 Burn It All (Nakia sees KM order burning, takes throne, new orders)
20 Entering Jabariland
21 Wake Up T'Challa (Mbaku takes them to Tchalla, gives herb, Tchalla confronts father in dream, group resolve)
22 The Great Mound Battle (KM orders army, Tchalla returns, Wkabi army vs Tchalla and Dora M, Okoye vs KM)
23 Glory to Bast (Rhinos arrive, Shuri's mission, Okoye vs KM, Ross pilots, Nakai & Shuri fight KM, Tch & KM on train tracks)
24 The Jabari Pt II (enter, Panther fight cont'd)
25 A Kings Sunset (Wkabi surrenders, Panther fight end, KM speech)
26 A New Day (Tchalla kisses Nakai in market)
27 Spaceship Bugatti (Shuri in California, ship)
28 United Nations (speech)/ End Titles 0:51

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