Monday, July 22, 2019

Iron Man 2 (John Debney, 2010)

Iron Man 2 - John Debney
1 Ivan's Metamorphosis (Logos, Russian TV, Father Dies, Ivan Builds Arc Reactor (Titles) (alt))
2 House Fight V1 (film ver, not on RS)
3 Making Pepper CEO
4 Senate (ending) / Ivan Creates Drones (alt not on RS, 0:30)/Arc Whips, Hammer Angry 
5 Make Way For Tomorrow - Expo Version (Retro Intro Film)
6 Rhodey Dons Suit (unused alt)
7 Dying Hero (not on RS?)
8 Natalie Intro (Natalie Rushman Flirt (unused))
9 Monaco Drive (Monaco Arrival (unused))
10 Mayhem In Monaco (Race Begins, Happy Ram, Ivan Defeated)
11 Jailhouse Talk
12 Ivan Escapes
13 Hammer Gun Show (unused)
14 Tony Discovers Dad's Secret (Dad's Film Archive, Msg to Tony, Tony Drives to Office 2:35)
15 Sledgehammer V2 (Sledgehammer Lab Remodel into Particle Accelerator not on RS)
16 Nick Fury (Black Widow Reveal, Fury Leaves (Eye On You))
17 New Element (The Expo Model, Back to Holo Lab, New Element Formula Found)/ Particle Accelerator (from 4:22)
18 Sledgehammer (Sledgehammer Lab Remodel into Particle Accelerator)
19 New RT / To The Expo (Ivan Threat Phone Call, Tony Tries New Element, To Expo (alt not on RS) 0:57)
20 Black Widow Kicks Ass (The Black Widow & Happy at Hammer, Expo Mayhem)
21 Iron Man Battles The Drones
22 Ivan's Demise (not on RS) / The Kiss 3:55
23 Thor (Coulson & Thor Hammer)
24 I Am Iron Man (Monaco Arrival (unused frag))
25 Make Way For Tomorrow Today (w Vocals, not on RS)

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