Monday, July 22, 2019

Edge of Tomorrow (Christophe Beck, 2014)

Edge of Tomorrow - Christophe Beck (2014)
Trk Title/Narrative Film seq
1 Angel of Verdun (Main Titles) (News Footage of Mimic Invasion, Verdun Victory, Cage Lands in Copter) 1
2 No Courage Without Fear (Troops March To The Dropship) 2
3 D-Day (Landing on Beach, Rita Shows, Killed) 3
4 Mimics and Alphas (Attack and Covered in Alphas Blood) 4
5 PT (Sneak Out of Squad March to Reach Rita, Run Over, Try Again) 6
6 Find Me When You Wake Up (Saving Rita, Rita Says Find Her Next Time) 5
7 Navigating the Beach (Montage of Tries) 10
8 Winning the War (Rita Explains, Drive To See Dr Carter) 7
9 Combat Training (Rita Decides The Training Begins) 8
10 Deadweight (Taking the Minivan in Trailer Park) 11
11 Again! (Training w Rita Montage, 1st Vision of Omega) 9
12 Solo Flight (Rita Dies in Barn Attack, Going Again wo Rita, Copter Flight to Dam) 12
13 Decoy (Ambushed at Dam, Alphas Want Blood) 13
14 Whitehall (Sneaking in to See General to Get Device) 14
15 Uncharted Territory (Leaving Whitehall Drive, Insertion of Device, Vision of the Louvre, Car Crash) 15
16 I'm Out (Waking Up wo the Power, Escape from Hospital) 16
17 They Know We're Coming (J Squad Joins Trip to Paris, Ship Crashes) 17
18 Caged In (Evading Alpha Louvre Parking Garage, Rita Takes Off, Killed) 19
19 Ritaliation (Driving The Dropship & Pursued by Mimics) 18
20 The Omega (Underwater Grenades Destroy Omega) 20
21 Welcome to London, Major (Greeted in London, Collapse of Mimics Reported, J Squad Again, Approach Rita) 21
22 Live, Die, Repeat (Unused End Titles) 22

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