Monday, July 22, 2019

Godzilla (Alexandre Desplat, 2014)

Godzilla - Alexandre Desplat
1 Godzilla! (Credits Montage w Newsfootage of Monarch)
2 Inside The Mines (Fossils in Mine, Janjira 2:10)
3 The Power Plant (Strange Readings, Sandra Runs, Empty Corridor, Last Words 3:42, Plant Collapse, Sad Ford)
4 To Q Zone (Joe's Signals, Boat To Zone 1:41, Demasking)
5 Back To Janjira (Old Photos, Arrested 0:52, Truck Ride, Seed Pod, EM Pulse Danger 3:03, Evac, Killer Lightning Bolts 5:00)
6 Muto Hatch (Power Outage, Rigging Stretched, Tower Falls, Emergence & Take Off 2:07)
7 In The Jungle (Jets Approach Muto)
8 The Wave (Power Outage, G Approaching 0:30, Under Carrier, Tsunami, G in City 2:08, Jungle, Lights On)
9 Airport Attack (Ford & Kid in Monorail Wreck, Muto v Heli, G Arrives)
10 Missing Spore (Kid Reunited, Carrier Follows G 1:17, Guessing Trajectory, Nuke Storage 2:20, 2nd Muto Loose)
11 Vegas Aftermath/A Female (Tracking 3 Monsters), Plan for Bomb Ship Trap 1:50, Serizawa's Dad's Watch)
12 Ford Rescued (Heli Pick Up Shore, Boat Load 1)
13 Following Godzilla (Boat Load 2, Heli Lands 1:40)
14 Golden Gate Chaos (Bridge Birds, G Approaches, Bus Escape, Army Drives Off G, Arm Bomb 2:42)
15 Let Them Fight (Stenz & Serizawa Discuss G's Chances), G Engages Mutos Downtown 0:43
16 Entering the Nest (-, G v Mutos 0:50, Bomb Transport 2:06)
17 2 Against 1 (G on the Ropes, Bomb to Boat (Gasoline) 0:40, Burned Nest Mutos Mad 1:11, Atomic Breath 2:12, Muto After Nuke 3:20)
18 Last Shot (Army v Female Muto, Ford Starts Boat, Muto Roars)
19 Godzilla's Victory (G Kills Last Muto, Boat Ride, G Falls 1:03, Clock Ticking, Rescue Heli, Nuke Blows)
20 Back To The Ocean (Dead G in AM, Stadium Reunions, G Wakes & Mom Found 1:32, G Goes to Sea w Roar 2:36)

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