Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Oblivion (M83 and Joseph Trapanese, 2013)

Oblivion - M83 and Joseph Trapanese
Trk Title/Narrative Film seq
1 Logos, Dream of NYC (Jack's Dream) 1
2 Alien War History Montage, Suiting Up, Title, Take Off (Waking Up) 2
3 Inspecting the Drones, Storm Strike, Landing (Supercell) 3
4 Drone Repair and Football Story, Drone Wakes, Motorcycle Ride 2:08 (Tech 49) 4
5 Falling for Bait in Library Ruins, Drone to Rescue (The Library) 5
6 Finding Book, Back to Base, Reading (Horatius) 6
7 Swimming with Vica (StarWaves) 7
8 Sabotage of Rig, Tracking Signal Source to ESB (Hydrorig) 8
9 Tracking Signal, Visiting Secret Crater Lake (Crater Lake) 9
10 Dream of Girl, Falling Satellite, Landing (Unidentified Object) 10
11 Burning Wreckage, Mystery Girl, Drones Fire, Rtn to Base (Odyssey Rescue) 11
12 Reviving Julia, Suspicious Survivor (Return from Delta) 12
13 Jack & Julia Fly Back to Wreck, Scavs Capture Jack and Tet Goes Looking 4:28 (Retrieval) 13
14 Earth 2077 (unused?) 30
15 Jack Meets the Scavs, Their Plan (Revelations) 14
16 Scavs Defend Against a Drone, Send Jack and Julia off on Motorcycle (Drone Attack) 15
17 Jack and Julia on Bike, Julia Reveals Truth at ESB, Engagement Ring (Return to Empire State) 16
18 Memory Back, Vica Keeps Jack Out, Drone Kills Vica (Losing Control) 17
19 Tet Asks Jack to Return, Canyon Battle and Crash 1:30 18
20 Running Into another Jack, Fight, Disable Drone (Radiation Zone) 19
21 Julia Shot, Get Meds from 2nd Vica (You Can't Save Her) 20
22 Return to Scav Base (Welcome Back) 21
23 Malcolm's Story and His Hope For Jack, Welcome Back Commander (Raven Rock) 22
24 Drones Approach, Attack Base (Knife Fight In a Phone Booth) 23
25 Prep to Fly Up to Tet, Goodbye Julia, FB to Orig Mission 4:06 (I'm Sending You Away) 24
26 Approaching the Tet, FB Tet Approach and Sleeper Eject (Ashes of Our Fathers) 25
27 Present Entering Tet, Interrogation, Clones (Temples of Our Gods) 26
28 Meeting Sally, Story of Horatius, Drones Surround Scav Camp, Tet Destroyed (Fearful Odds) 27
29 VO as Julia Found by Another Jack (Undimmed By Time, Unbound By Death) 28
30 Oblivion (feat. Susanne Sundfør) 29

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