Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Thor The Dark World (Brian Tyler, 2013)

Thor: The Dark World - Brian Tyler
1 Thor: The Dark World (End Title 1)
2 Lokasenna (Frigga Stabbed, Thor Too Late, Funeral Pyre (alt suite not on RS))
3 Asgard (End Credit 2a After Collector Scene)
4 Battle of Vanaheim (Battle of Vanaheim, Thor Arrives)
5 Origins (Malekith & Ether, Dark Elves v Asgardians, Malekith Escapes, Bury Aether, Title )
6 The Trial of Loki (Chained Loki, Angry Odin)
7 Into Eternity (Frigga Stabbed, Thor Too Late, Funeral Pyre, Waterfall, Light Globes, Loki Mad (edit of film ver))
8 Escaping the Realm (Launch, The Chase, Out Hatch, Boat & Fandral, Passageway, Elves Sense Aether)
9 A Universe From Nothing (Odin's Book & Aether Story)
10 Untouchable (Palace Battle, Malekith Enters 1:03, Duels Frigga, Kurse, Jane Ghost, Frigga Stabbed 2:46, Thor Too Late)
11 Thor, Son of Odin (Space Tunnel To Asgard (alt suite not on RS))
12 Shadows of Loki (Thor and Heimdall Discuss The Coming Convergence, Frigga & Loki Prison Cell, Frigga Ghosts 0:54)
13 Sword and Council ((Thor) Approach to Asgard, Odin's Thanks, Celebrations & Sif Talk)
14 Invasion of Asgard (Heimdall v Cloaked Ship, Aerial Dogfight 0:47, Palace Shield 2:01, Kurse Sabotage, Ship in Hall)
15 Betrayal (Arriving at Malekith Ship, Loki's Betrayal 1:26, Aether From Jane 2:50, Dark Vision, Thor Blasts Aether)
16 Journey to Asgard (Rain, Thor Standing, Space Tunnel To Asgard (extended) 0:26)
17 Uprising (Algrim Becomes Kurse, Prison Breakout, Thor Joins The Fight 1:37)
18 Vortex (Boy Lifts Truck, Stairwell Vortex, Following Readings)
19 An Unlikely Alliance (Thor's Plan, Unlikely Alliance (Sad Loki) 1:09, Marching Loki Quickchanges 2:17)
20 Convergence (Hogun Thanks Thor, Algrim Gets Mission (alt) 1:04/Aether Reforms into Malekith 1:41, Kurse v Thor)
21 Beginning of the End (Greenwich w Stakes, Giant Ship 1:05, MK Attacks Thor/Thor v MK, Portal Fights)
22 Deliverance (Loki Last Words, The Cave 1:31)
23 Battle Between Worlds (After 1st DW Port, Jets 0:54, Jotunheim, Darcy Save 1:55, Subway 2:11, MK Uses Aether)
24 As the Hammer Falls (Thor Red Wind, MK Ported Out, Giant Ship Falling 1:29, Porting Ship Out to MK, Kisses)
25 Legacy (Odin & Thor Throneroom, Thor Rejects Throne, Loki Reveal, End Title 1 (alt not on RS) 2:25)
26 Marvel Studios Fanfare

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