Monday, July 22, 2019

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (Elliot Goldenthal, 2001)

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within - Elliot Goldenthal
1 The Spirit Within (Logos, Aki Alien Landscape Sun (unused))
2 Race To Old New York (Barrier City Arrival (unused alt 2, 1))
3 The Phantom Plains (Waking Up, Spaceship Descent 0:41, Old NYC 1:21)
4 Code Red (Gray Causes Scanner Alarm, Aki Treats Gray w Laser Countdown)
5 The Kiss (Aki & Gray Sad Zero G Kiss)
6 Entrada (Phantoms Loose in Control Room Pt 2, Hein Flees Explosion)
7 Toccata & Dreamscapes (Aki Dream Segments)
8 Music For Dialogues (To Hein's Office, Plan for Coup, Treating Aki's Wound w Gray's Spirit)
9 Winged Serpent (Dead Bodies, Surrounded in Garage, Car Rescue)
10 Zeus Cannon (Hein Docks at Zeus Station, Lies About Accident, Gets Firing Approval, Zeus Fires 0:58, Overloads 1:35)
11 Flight To The Wasteland (Gondola to Elevator (Aki & Gray, unused), Hein's Dead Fam 2:10, Hein Opens Barrier Gate, Jail Talk Theories)
12 A Child Recalled (Aki's Story of Finding the 5th Spirit Wave in Dying Little Girl, Gray Kiss Abort)
13 The Eighth Spirit (8th Spirit Destroyed, Giant Phantom)
14 Dead Rain (Jane Dies, Sarge Sacrifice)
15 Blue Light (Exploring Phantom Crater (alt), Zeus Fires Up 1:04, Aki's Pod Falls to Surface)
16 Adagio & Transfiguration (Gray's Sacrifice, Red Giant Turns Blue, Phantoms Freed to Space 2:48, Sid Crater Rising Lights, Elevator Up to Sunrise & Eagle)

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