Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Avengers (Alan Silvestri, 2011)

The Avengers - Alan Silvestri
1 Arrival (Logos, Tesseract, Scepter, Chitauri/Fury Arrives, Begins Evac, Hill Talk, Selvig (from 1:03 film ver not on RS))
2 Doors Open from Both Sides (Loki Arrives/Scepter on Clint 0:43, Loki's Speech)
3 Tunnel Chase (Tunnel Chase, Collapsing Base 0:34, Outdoor Battle, Escaped, Title (alt not on RS))
4 Stark Goes Green (IM Underwater, Night Flight, Tower Lights, Desuiting/Pepper & Tony w Coulson Holograms 1:42)
5 Helicarrier (Heli Rises, Bruce & Cap to Bridge, Cloaking (Film ver not on RS))
6 Subjugation (Loki Changes on way to Street Attack/Subjugation (Kneel!) 0:55, Old Man Resists/Cap And Loki Fight 1:58)
7 Don't Take My Stuff (Thor Takes Loki, IM Pursues, Cap Jumps/Thor & Loki Mountaintop 1:27, Loki Hints at Thanos/Hero's Fight 2:52)
8 Red Ledger (Nat Talks to Loki, Past w Clint. Guilt Trip, Loki Threat/Nat Plays Loki 2:29, Lab Confrontation Brews as Scepter Glows)
9 Assault (Helicarrier Attack, Fury's Orders/Become Hulk 1:53/Fury Bridge 3:14, Cap and Tony at Turbine)
10 They Called It (Coulson Dies, Cards at Table Somber, Avengers Initiative Idea)
11 Performance Issues (Nat Clint Cap Heroes Suit Up/Fury Cards 0:48, Tony Arrives & Desuits, Bar/Tony Out Window into MkVII  2:44)
12 Seeing, Not Believing (Portal Army Invasion/Thor & Loki Tower 1:09, IM Sets Up Chitauri, QJ Crashes/G Monster 3:06)
13 Assemble (Loki Thor Talk, Escapes, Cap Leap, Nat Clint Defend/Cap's Respect 2:20, IM Flares/Banner Transform 3:05, Avengers Assemble
14 I Got a Ride (Hulk Smash, Thor Lightning/Council Call 0:51, IM Banking/Nat Gets Ride 2:17, Takes Cycle, Tracking Shot, Grand Central)
15 A Little Help (Cap Lands, Council Decision/Clint Shoots Loki 0:44/Roof Landing 1:06, Loki Rag Doll/IM v GM 1:24, Jonah, Clint Escape, Hulk Gang Up)
16 One Way Trip (Fury v Nuke Launch, slo-mo Cap & Thor, Tony Missile/Call Pepper 2:15, Nuke to Portal/IM Falls 4:34, Hulk Catch, Loki Surround)
17 A Promise (Newscasts, Council Talk, Thor & Loki Leave, Avengers Tower)
18 The Avengers (End Titles)

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