Monday, July 22, 2019

Fantastic Four (Marco Beltrami/Philip Glass, 2015)

Fantastic Four (2015) - Marco Beltrami/Philip Glass
1 Fantastic Four Prelude (Quatroqatsi Suite)
2 The Garage (Reed's Garage Lab, Teleporting Car Experiment, Rocks Replace the Car)
3 The Unveiling (Storm & Sue Meet Reed & Ben at Science Fair, Weird Earth)
4 Baxter (Reed & Ben Arrive in Baxter Bldg, Ben Says Goodbye to Reed)
5 All My Faith (Board Room Discusses Doom, Franklin Visits Doom)
6 The Lab (Reed Enters Baxter Lab)
7 Meeting Of The Minds (Meeting Victor, Images from Another Dimension)
8 It Begins (Franklin Recruits Johnny to Lab)
9 Building The Future (Building Shuttle Montage)
10 Launch One (Harvey Arrives, Monkey Test, Video, Monkey Returns)
11 Neil Armstrong (Reed Decides to Trip Before Nasa, Calls Ben)
12 Maiden Voyage (Suiting Up, Strapping In, Arrival)
13 Footprints (In The Other Dimension, Descending into Crater)
14 Run (Green Energy Geyser Escape, Victor Falls, Sue Manual Override, Explosion)
15 Ben's Drop (Harvey Blames Franklin, Harvey & Ben, Ben's Drop 1:47)
16 Real World Applications (Harvey Promo Film of Ben, Sue and Johnny, Planet Zero)
17 Under Pressure (Harvey Pressures Storm to Use Johnny as Weapon)
18 The Search (Franklin Asks Sue to Find Reed)
19 You're Going To Like This One (Soldiers v Reed, Ben Arrives)
20 Father And Son (Franklin and Johnny, Astronauts Board Shuttle for 2nd Trip)
21 Return (Return to Planet Zero, Victor Approaches, Bringing Victor Back)
22 He's Awake (Harvey Interrogates Metallic Victor, Victor Goes on Killing Rampage, FF Search, Franklin Confronts Vic at Shuttle, Vic Kills Franklin)
23 Pursuit (Victor Escapes, Fan 4 Follow, Fighting Victor)
24 Strength In Numbers (On The Ropes, Reed Rallies, Victor's Demise, Return to Earth)
25 End Titles (New Digs, End Credits)

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