Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Wonder Woman (Rupert Gregson-Williams, 2017)

Wonder Woman - Rupert Gregson-Williams
1 Amazons Of Themyscira (Logos, Paris, Photo, Young Diana 2:20, Watches Amazons Train, Adult Duel, Bracelets Explode)
2 History Lesson (Hyppolyta Story of Zeus & Ares, Themyscyra, Godkiller Sword 4:15, Training)
3 Angel On The Wing (Sorry Diana, Cliff 0:53, Plane Crash Rescue, Germans Discover Island)
4 Ludendorff, Enough! (Ludendorff Arrives, Speaks w Dr Maru, Super Strength Powder, Kills Generals)
5 Pain, Loss & Love (Gassed Village, Diana Angry/Leaving the Island 1:27, First Kiss 3:52)
6 No Man's Land (Diana Goes Into Action, Germans Routed, Diana Charges Into Alley, Diana Indoor Battle 3:09, W Steve Ground Fight, Sniper, Victory Photo Op)
7 Fausta (Diana Enters Ballroom, Approaches L, Dance w L, Diana Stopped by Steve 2:04, Diana Horse Pursuit)
8 Wonder Woman's Wrath (Horse Pursuit, Battle L in Watchtower 1:03, Kills L, War Continues)
9 The God Of War (Ares Reveal Watchtower, Steve Disguise 0:41, Ares Speech, Sword Broken 2:03, Ares FB Speech, Ares' Explosion 5:11, God Battle, Steve Plans)
10 We Are All To Blame (Diana Asks Steve Why, Steve Defends Humanity, Asks For Diana's Help, Goes After Gas Bombs Alone)
11 Hell Hath No Fury (Steve Plane Sacrifice, Diana Rages, Ares Encourages 1:30, Maru Threatened, Steve's Voice)
12 Lightning Strikes (Steve's Sacrifice Message, Defies Ares, Bracelets Kill Ares)
13 Trafalgar Celebration (Sunrise, London Victory Celebration 1:28, Steve Trafalgar Photo, VO in Present)
14 Action Reaction (Extended Intro, End Title 2 2:00, Extended Outro 4:01)

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