Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Doctor Strange (Michael Giacchino, 2016)

Doctor Strange - Michael Giacchino
1 Ancient Sorcerer's Secret (Library Attack, Ancient One City Morphing)
2 The Hands Dealt (Dealing with Handicap Montage)
3 A Long Strange Trip (Astral Trip)
4 The Eyes Have It (Kaecilius Group Transformed, Room Morph)
5 Mystery Training (Ancient One Shows Air Diagrams, Study Begins)
6 Reading Is Fundamental (Wong Shows Library, Book of Cagliostro Rip Page)
7 Inside the Mirror Dimension (Mirror Dimension, Strange Asks Mordo about Ancient One & Kaecilius, Duel, Relics)
8 The True Purpose of the Sorcerer (Wong and Mordo Explain their Mission)
9 Sanctimonious Sanctum Sacking (Kaecilius Attack, in NYC Sanctum, Windows, Relics, Strange Fights K 2:54, Cloak)
10 Astral Doom (Operating Room, Shock, Needle, Kungfu Shock 2:28)
11 Post-Op Paracosm (Strange Talks w Christine)
12 Hippocratic Hypocrite (Leaving Christine, Back to NY Sanctum 0:47)
13 Smote And Mirrors (K Returns to NY, Mirror Dimension Battle 0:29, Ancient One Arrives)
14 Ancient History (Ancient One Dying)
15 Hong Kong Kablooey (To HK, Strange Reverses Time 0:45, Backwards Motion Battle, Wong Back)
16 Astral World's Worst Killer (Frozen World, Into the Dark Dimension, Face Dormammu Loop 2:14, Zealots Gone)
17 Strange Days Ahead (HK Restored, Mordo Leaves Alone, Nepal Sanctum w Wong, NY Sanctum, End Title 3:36)
18 Go for Baroque (Unused)
19 The Master of the Mystic End Credits (edit)

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