Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Captain America The Winter Soldier (Henry Jackman, 2014)

Captain America The Winter Soldier - Henry Jackman
1 Lemurian Star (Suite)
2 Project Insight (Underground Helicarriers Base)
3 The Smithsonian (Visit to Smithsonian Cap Exhibit (Source))
4 An Old Friend (Historical Film, With Old Peggy 1:37, Peggy 's Memory Issues)
5 Fury (Fury Trapped in SUV, Fury Suite (not on RS) 1:25)
6 The Winter Soldier (Suite Pt 1, Pt 2 2:48, Not on RS)
7 Fallen (Fury Dies in Hospital, Post Op 1:42)
8 Alexander Pierce (Cap & Pierce Briefing, Accusing Fury, Pierce Asks for Info 2:05, Pierce Threat)
9 Taking a Stand (Cycle, Take Out Jet (extended))
10 Frozen in Time (Car Talk w Nat, Old Army Camp 0:21, Weakling Memories, Secret Shield Office, Elevator)
11 Hydra (Suite)
12 Natasha (Regretful Talk at Sam's House w Cap)
13 The Causeway (WS Attacks on Highway (alt, not on RS))
14 Time to Suit Up (Cap's Bucky FB, Sam & Cap On Bridge, Museum Suit Up)
15 Into the Fray (Heli's Launch, Falcon Aerial Battle 1:24, WS v Falcon, Rumlow Sneak 3:28, Cap & WS 3:47)
16 Countdown (Pierce Countdown, Helis Targeted 1:37, Don't Wait, Fury Shoots, Widow Stings, Helis Fall)
17 End of the Line (You Know Me (Carrier Falls), End Of The Line, Cap Falls Into Water 1:32, Shore Rescue)
18 Captain America (Suite, Not on RS)
19 It's Been a Long, Long Time (Harry James and His Orchestra)
20 Trouble Man (Marvin Gaye)

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