Monday, July 22, 2019

Thor (Patrick Doyle, 2011)

Thor - Patrick Doyle
1 Chasing the Storm (Logos, NM Night Van, Storm Cloud Chase)
2 Prologue (Norway & Story of Frost Giants v Asgardians, Approach to Asgard)
3 Sons of Odin (Odin Talks to Young Thor & Loki, Thor Enters Coronation Room)
4 A New King (Odin Speaks about Hammer, Invaders, I Swear, Frost Giants)
5 Ride to Observatory (Thor's Convincing Plan, Ride On Bifrost, Heimdall)
6 To Jotunheim (Heimdall Allows Passage, Heimdall's Vow)
7 Laufey (Walking In Frozen Ruins, Laufey Threat 1:45)
8 Frost Giant Battle (Frost Giant Battle, Retreat, Big Monster, Thor Flight)
9 Banishment (Odin Takes Thor's Power, Banishment, Whispers to Hammer)
10 Crisis in Asgard (Loki Speech, Hogun Suspects, Loki & Casket, Unused 1:00)
11 Odin Confesses (Blue Loki, Odin Confesses, Falls Asleep)
12 Hammer Found (by Trucker)
13 Urgent Matter (Sif & W3 See Loki on the Throne, Refuses to Bring Thor Back)
14 The Compound (Arriving, Screens 0:45, Going After Hammer 1:24, Mud Fight 4:01, Hammer Fail, Heimdall Sees)
15 Loki's Lie, Loki Fails Hammer
16 My Bastard Son (Loki & Laufey, Heimdall)
17 Science And Magic (Jane & Thor Roof Campfire)
18 The Destroyer (Evac Civilians, Destroyer v W3, Sif Backstab, Retreat, Thor Has Friends Back Off)
19 Forgive Me (Thor Walks to Destroyer, Talks to Loki, Thor Hit 1:17, Sad Friends)
20 Thor Kills the Destroyer (Thor Back, Sky whirlpool)
21 Brothers Fight (Loki Betrays, Thor Arrives, Ride to Observatory 1:48, Bifrost Blast, Clouds, Thor Talks 3:02, Duel 4:19, Smash Bridge)
22 Letting Go (Odin Catch, Loki Lets Go, Earth Sunset 0:59, Asgard, Celebrations, Sif VO)
23 Can You See Jane? (Odin & Thor, With Heimdall Watching Jane (film ver))
24 Earth to Asgard (End Title 2)

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