Monday, July 22, 2019

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (Brian May, 1982)

Mad Max 2 Road Warrior - Brian May
1 Montage (Boomerang SFX/Rig U-Turn)/Main Title 1:36
2 Confrontation (Checking Out the Tanker, Angry Mohawk)
3 Marauder's Massacre (Compound 1st Escape Attempt Fails)
4 Max Enters Compound
5 Gyro Saves Max (Rescue After Crash, Plans for the Exodus)
6 Break Out (Preparations for the Exodus, Breakout 1:40, Compound Blows)
7 Finale and Largo (Getting the Shells (unused), Collision 1:06, Sand in the Tank 1:47, Sunset Legendry 3:41)
8 End Title
9 SFX Suite: Boomerang Attack (Feral Kid Strikes)/Gyro Flight 0:55/The Big Rig Starts/Breakout 1:21, Compound Blows SFX, Collision 3:53

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