Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Hulk - Danny Elfman, 2003

Trk Title & Narrative
1 Main Titles (Needle 1:13, Starfish, Regeneration 2:31, Lizard Immune System)
2 Prologue (Self Testing, Baby 0:32, Happy, Toy Fight, Dad Tests 2:20, Banner Fired, Mom Yelling)
3 Betty's Dream (Betty & Janitor, Betty's Memory of Mad Dad, Boom )
4 Bruce's Memories (B Bike Home, Bad Dream 1:05, Dad on Street, Dad Exams Hair 1:28, IDs Bruce)
5 Captured (Helis Transport Bruce in Desert, Gamma Base Underground)
6 Dad's Visit (Dad Speech, Angry Bruce, Dad Lab Work 1:07, Tensing Up w Memories Montage 1:47)
7 Hulk Out! (1st Changing, Lab Wreck 2:01, Dad Meeting 2:17, Flashbacks, Escape Leap)
8 Father Knows Best (Betty Visits DB, DB Rants & Takes Cloth Scent)
9 ...Making Me Angry (Tense Talk w DB by Phone, Betty Threat, Talbot Fight 2:06, Changing 2:38, Police Shootout 3:30)
10 Gentle Giant (Betty Lifted to Car Roof)
11 Hounds of Hell (Dogs v Hulk, Back to Bruce 1:45, Anger Burst)
12 The Truth Revealed (DB Explains Himself to Betty, DB's Confession FB 1:59, Mom Killed by Accident 3:22)
13 Hulk's Freedom (Ross Orders Pursuit, Leaping Landscape, Ross Heli Tracking, Heli Over Water, Nature Look 2:10)
14 A Man Again (SFCA Sidewalk Eruption, Betty Heli, Surrounded, Betty Calms 2:34, Bruce Again 3:30, To Night Stage 4:47, DB Arrival 6:20, Stage Approach)
15 The Lake Battle (DB Bites Wire & Transforms, Hulk In Clouds, Shore Battle 1:20, Water Battle, Freeze FB, Overload Cloud)
16 The Aftermath (Bruce Floats w Happy Memory, Time Lapse)
17 The Phone Call (Ross Calls Betty from Desert and Asks About Bruce, Tropical Forest)
18 End Credits (Becoming Angry w Merc, Pullback Roar, End Title)

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