Monday, July 22, 2019

Apocalypse Now Redux (Carmine & Francis Ford Coppola, Nonesuch, 1979/2001)

Apocalypse Now (Redux) - Carmine & Francis Ford Coppola (Nonesuch, 1979/2001)
1 Opening: The End (Napalm Helis Forestry, Willard Hotel Saigon)
2 The Delta (Mission Assigned, Heli Over Rice Paddies, Dawn Boat Launch)
3 Dossier (Reading Kurtz Notes)
4 Orange Light (AirCav Launches for Mission, Helis on Horizon)
5 Ride Of The Valkyries (AirCav Attacks Village)
6 Suzie Q (Playmates Show)
7 Nung River (Reading Kurtz Explanation Letter to Kids, Tension Rises on Boat)
8 Do Lung (Psychedelic Bridge Hell)
9 Letters From Home (New Orders, News Clippings)
10 Clean's Death (Mourning Clean, Mom's Tape, Foggy Plane Wreck)
11 Chief's Death (Chief Floats Away, Willard Mission Confession)
12 Voyage (Hellish Scenery, Kurtz' Dock)
13 Chef's Head (Chef Waiting in Rain, Kurtz Approaches Willard in Camo)
14 Kurtz Chorale (Looking at Kurtz' Medals, Polio Story)
15 Finale (After Murder, Crazy Book, Scared Natives, Out To Boat)

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