Monday, July 22, 2019

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (David Sardy, 2012)

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - David Sardy
1 Maybe You've Heard Of Me (Opening Animation w VO, Occurs as 4th in film)
2 On The Road (Motorcycle to Monastery, Moreau Asks to Take the Boy)
3 The Order Under Attack
4 Nadya and Danny Flee / Car Chase (Moreau Shoots)
5 Moreau Meets Blaze (Asks for Rider's Help)
6 We Will Lift Your Curse (The Deal)
7 Bad People Only (Nadya Scamming Tourist, unused)/ Thunder And Lightning (Johnny Tries to Summon GR)
8 Night Car Chase (Nadya Car Chased, GR Takes Off
9 (Nadya) Pulled From The Car (Struggles)
10 Ghost Rider Arrives, Corrigan Grenade Launchers, Escapes w Danny
11 At The Hospital / We've Got Danny (Corrigan Calls Roarke, Roarke Blocks GR)
12 Tell Me Why I Can Trust You (Blaze & Nadya Make a Deal)
13 Her Story (FB with Roarke)
14 Who Can Tell Us (Johnny VO about Roarke w animation, alt)
15 Danny Crashes Corrigan's Truck / Take The Van (Corrigan Chases Danny, Steals Van)
16 I'm Not Afraid Of You (Johnny Warns Nadya About GR)
17 Johnny Tries To Contain Ghost Rider (Interrogation, Wild Bike Ride)
18 Arrive At The Quarry (Arms Deal)
19 Rescue Danny From The Quarry (Nadya Tries to Free Danny, Shoots Goon)
20 Well...Um...KILL IT! (GR Survives Blast, Killing Spree)
21 Guns And The Bagger (Giant Flame Crane, Threaten Corrigan)
22 He Is Coming / Let Her Go (GR Pursues Danny & Nadya, Danny Extinguishes GR)
23 You're Not Done (Roarke Finds & Beat Up Corrigan)
24 The Power Of Decay (Roarke Makes Corrigan Into Decay)
25 You're Safe Here (Moreau Leads Them To Zealots Desert Hideout)
26 The Wine Cellar (Moreau Tells Johnny About Zarathos' History)
27 You Must Confess (Johnny Talks About Dad to Moreau)
28 The Exorcism (of GR)
29 It Worked / Lied To (Zealots Decide to Kill Danny)
30 Kill The Boy (Circle Ceremony Interrupted by Decay, Zealot Massacre Discovered)
31 Van Arrives To Meet Dad (Roarke in Ruins)
32 Meet Dad (Danny Meets Roarke, Johnny Arms Up)
33 They'll Be Afraid Of You (Roark Sedates Danny, Johnny Surveils Meeting, Night Arena Ritual)
34 Danny Is The One Good Thing (Johnny & Nadya Talk)
35 The Ritual Begins (Johnny & Moreau Sneak In and Attack)
36 Darkness And Decay (Danny Resists Johnny, Decay Kills Moreau, Danny Appears)
37 Bring Back Ghost Rider (Danny Brings Back GR, GR Kills Robes)
38 Chase Down The Devil (GR Pursues Roarke & Danny, v Decay, Stops Roarke's Car)
39 Send The Devil Back To Hell (Roarke Crawls, GR Sends to Hell)
40 The Angel, I Can Feel Him (GR Carries Danny, Revives Danny)
41 Ghost Rider Theme (End Title)

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