Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (Tyler Bates, 2017)

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - Tyler Bates
Trk Title/Narrative Film seq
1 Showtime A-Holes (Guardians on Sovereign planet prepare) 1
2 vs The Abilisk (Drax Jump, Gamora Sword, Mantis' power 1:06, Ayesha & Yondu 2:12) 2
3 The Mantis Touch (Ayesha Gives Nebula to Guardians as Peter recalls parents, Mantis Touches Drax 0:54) 3
4 Space Chase (Pursued by Sov ships, asteroid field to Berhert) 4
5 Family History (Energy Ball, Son of the Woman I Loved 1:01, Family History 1:25) 6
6 Groot Expectations (Groot on Yondu's Heist Mission) 7
7 Mammalian Bodies (Yondu blows up Ravager ship, Space Jumps to Ego planet) 8
8 Starhawk (Yondu on Contraxia, confrontation w  StarHawk) 5
9 Two-Time-Galaxy Savers (Spacejumps, Sovereign ships Destroyed 0:17, Rocket & Yondu save Quill, descend to core 1:16) 10
10 I Know Who You Are (Yondu speech to Rocket, Ego's Expansion plan, Ego shows Peter Meaning 3:22) 9
11 Ego (Ego Awakes, Ego planet attacks and Skeleton walks :44) 13
12 Kraglin and Drax (Core floor Fighting Woken Ego, Mantis Makes Ego Sleep at the core 1:13) 11
13 The Expansion (Ego's powers erupt around the Universe) 14
14 Mary Poppins and the Rat (Yondu says goodbye to Rocket, Quill vs Ego) 15
15 Gods (Gamora decides to rescue Quill but Rocket stops her, Ego brain bomb explodes) 16
16 Dad (Core collapsing and Yondu saves Quill, sacrifice) 17
17 A Total Hasselhoff (Peter speech Yondu funeral) 18
18 Sisters (Gamora and Nebula hug, Yondu pyre, Quill & Kraglin) 19
19 Guardians of the Frickin Galaxy (Guardians survive Sovereign explosion and land on core floor w pan) 12

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