Monday, July 22, 2019

Kong Skull Island (Henry Jackman, 2017)

Kong Skull Island - Henry Jackman
1 South Pacific (Logos, Air Battle Noises 1944)
2 The Beach (Parachute, Cliff Fight, Kong Head)
3 Project Monarch (News History Montage w Titles, 1973 Protests)
4 Packard's Blues (Packard Gets One Last Mission Briefing)
5 Assembling the Team (Conrad & Army in Bangkok, Mason Arrives at Ship)
6 Into the Storm (Bridge Discussion, Army Getting on Helis, Launch)
7 The Island (Flyover Approach)
8 Kong the Destroyer (Kong v Helis, Packard Stares at Devastation 2:40)
9 Monsters Exist (Randa's Confession to Packard About Monarch)
10 Spider Attack (Trees are Giant Spider's Legs)
11 Dominant Species (Kong at Lake, v Squid)
12 The Temple (Village Life, Shipwreck Temple and Drawings, Kong's Story 3:11, Skullcrawlers 4:15)
13 Grey Fox (Homemade Gunboat)
14 Kong the Protector (Trapped Giant Ox & Mason, Kong Helps)
15 Marlow's Farewell (Gunboat Repair, Farewell to Natives, Launch)
16 Lost (Packard's Quest for Revenge, unused)
17 The Boneyard (Trapped by Skullcrawler)
18 Ambushed (SC Attacks, Sword v Pterys, SC Blown Up)
19 The Heart of Kong (Conrad & Mason Meet Kong in Mist, Packard's Explosions)
20 Man vs. Beast (Conrad Decides to Save Kong, Packard Confrontation, Napalm, Kong Falls)
21 Creature from the Deep (Conrad Stops Packard, SC Arrives 1:21, Packard Crushed)
22 The Battle of Skull Island (Escaping, Cole's Sacrifice, Kong v SC, Gunboat Fires, Propeller Chain, Mason Water)
23 King Kong (Mason from Kong's Hand, Kong Leaves, Gunboat Ride, Kong Beats Chest 1:55)
24 Monster Mash (Mason & Conrad Interrogation, Welcome to Monarch Film)

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