A Cure for Wellness - Benjamin Wallfisch, 2017

Trk Title &
1 Hannah and Volmer (End Titles 2) 17
2 Nobody Ever Leaves 12
3 Bicycle (Riding with Hannah, The Gates, Village) 6
4 The Rite (Candllit Procession, Volmer & Hannah Wedding, Ballroom Dance) 13
5 Feuerwalzer (Volmer On Fire as Dancing Continues, Volmer v Lockhart, Inferno, Hannah Kills V) 14
6 Magnificent, Isn't It (Building Burns as Patients Flee, Dancing Continues Outside, Bicycle Flight) 15
7 Actually I'm Feeling Much Better (Leaving Burning Ruins and Board Heads w Smile, End Title) 16
8 Clearly He's Lost His Mind (Boardroom Assignment?) 1
9 Our Thoughts Exactly (Trip to Swiss Mountains) 2
10 Volmer Institut (Lockhardt Explores the Center, Steam Room) 3
11 Terrible Darkness (Conversation w Mrs Watkins, Old Bldg 1:33) 5
12 Lipstick (Hannah Finds Lipstick in Lady's Room, Bar Confrontation, Volmer Arrives) 7
13 Waiting (Looking For Pembroke at Entrance) 4
14 Zutritt Verboten (Fleeing Guards in Underground Lab, Bodies in Water, Caught) 8
15 There's Nothing Wrong with You People (Patients Stand and Attack) 10
16 Lockhart's Letter (Lockhart Treated, Breaks Open Cast) 9
17 Volmer's Lab (Underground, Hannah Puts on Lipstick) 11

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