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From Russia With Love (Barry, 1963)

     John Barry first became involved with the James Bond spy series in the film "Dr. No" (1962), when he orchestrated (essentially co-composing) the iconic "James Bond Theme", from a melodic theme originated by Monty Norman (who scored the film).  This theme notably features the electric guitar (played by Vic Flick) in a very "nasty" tone.

     In the second Bond film, "From Russia With Love", the scoring was completely Barry's, and most people consider this the first great Bond score.  It has two main themes, the melody from the title song, and the 007 theme, a kind of "nautical" theme over a driving ostinato figure.  The Bond theme reappears here in a couple of guises, and a theme which I call the "Leila" theme appears here twice, once in the unused "Leila Dance" and the other in the "Man Overboard" cue.

     Like most of the Bond CD soundtracks, the cues are presented out of chronological sequence, and often feature alternate versions and unused cues, while at the same time leaving out cues actually used in the film.  Unfortunately lots of the music for the earlier films has been lost, which is why there haven't been too many "complete scores" available.  Nonetheless, in 2003, expanded (but still incomplete) editions of the earlier scores were released, and this edition of "From Russia With Love" is described in the run down below.  The correct (chronological) film sequence number can be found in the second column.  Some of the cues below are not the actual ones used in the film, but for listening purposes they are close enough.  Finally, it's a real pity Lotte Lenya (Rosa Klebb) didn't get a chance to sing in the film!

Trk Film
Dur Title Film Action
1 4 2:29 Opening Titles : James Bond
Is Back/
From Russia
With Love/
James Bond Theme
Opening title sequence.
0:00: Brass/snare tremolo hits into -
0:11: Bongos, theme song (instrumental version without organ part)
1:42: Bond theme (brass fanfares/gong over chromatic bass line and drums), ending in opening tremolo attacks.
2 3 1:30 Tania Meets Klebb 0:00: In Istanbul, Tatiana leaves the Russian consulate and reads a message.
Variation of FRWL theme on strings, trumpet over tremolo vibes, bass ostinato ending in suspense texture.

0:45: Tania follows directions to her rendezvous with Klebb.
Suspense supported by new bass figure.
3 14 1:10 Meeting in St. Sophia In the Hagia Sophia, Tania puts secret plans for the Lektor decoder's location on the floor for Bond to pick up.  A Bulgarian spy tries to steal the plans, but SPECTRE's Grant kills him.
2-note tolling bells/gongs motif featured over strings and muted brass.
4 15 2:28 The Golden Horn Unused, likely for when Bond interrogates Tania about the Lektor decoder while on a boat trip on the Bosphorus River.
Timpani/bass plays 007 bass motif, leading to uptempo, somewhat ethnic "sailing" music.
5 9 2:27 Girl Trouble 0:00: At the gypsy camp, two girls face each other in a blood feud over one man.
Pattern of slow and low string accents.

0:29: They begin fighting.
Brass and timpani enter, followed by strings and xylophone, and finally snare, trombones, etc...(building layers).
6 13 1:21 Bond Meets Tania Finding Tania in his hotel bed, Bond kisses her and asks her about the decoder.
FRWL theme, high strings with harp ornaments/counter melody, ending in piano figure.
" I hope you're not, eh…disappointed."
"I will tell you in the morning."
7 10 2:49 007 The girl fight at the gypsy camp is broken up by the arrival of gunmen, Kerim Bey's local rivals.  A long battle ensues, and Bond's life is surreptitiously saved by Grant's sniper shooting. (This cue probably originally planned for Bond's escape from SPECTRE's pursuit boats before reaching Venice.)
007 theme: timpani ostinato motif, brass enters in a counter-rhythm, brass main melody ("nautical" feeling), later on strings and then more developed brass, ending with timpani and cello.
8 12 1:18 Gypsy Camp Bond is given the responsibility of deciding the fate of two gypsy girls.  The two girls attempt to gain favor with Bond.
Spanish-flavored guitar featured, with some some orchestral interludes.
9 7

2:01 Death of Grant 0:00: A bomb narrowly misses killing Kerim Bey in his room.
Action brass into low suspense textures on brass/harp (FRWL motif), ending with Bond motif.

1:02: Death of Grant (train fight scene, unused)
String/xylophone accents leading to somewhat ponderous action music featuring drums/snare, brass.
10 19 2:36 From Russia
With Love
(vocal: Matt Monro,
lyrics Lionel Bart)
Bond and Tania flirt in Venice on a boat, end credits.
Also plays as source music on a bystander's radio as James Bond lounges with a girl in his 1st "real" appearance.
"Great sport, this punting"
" I couldn’t agree with him more."
11 2 1:19 Spectre Island 0:00: Kronstein beats his chess opponent and journeys to SPECTRE Island.
Harp/vibraphone leads to suspenseful low brass/strings/percussion.

0:41: Blofeld and Rosa Klebb watch two Siamese fighting fish attack each other, as a third cleverly waits to kill the spent victor.
Harp/vibraphone figure over cello drone.
12 11 1:12 Guitar Lament Unused, probably for the discussion after the gypsy camp battle.
Guitars featured in loose, slow variation of FRWL/Bond theme.
13 18 2:19 Man Overboard - SMERSH in Action (Death of Kronsteen) 0:00: After taking Grant's boat and throwing his accomplice overboard, Bond and Tania make for Venice.
Timpani glissando leads to lilting "Leila" melody on strings, brass with Bond chromatic line underneath, ending in ornamental figures.

0:42: Kronstein, Klebb and Blofeld discuss Grant's failure.  Kronstein is killed.
Suspenseful strings/vibes/harp/piano (?).  Brass accents before the ending suspense figures.
14 5 2:32 James Bond
With Bongos
0:00: Bond leaves Miss Moneypenny and flies to Istanbul, where he meets with a driver from station head Kerim Bey.
Bond theme (electric guitar over chromatic bass line, cymbals, brass, etc)

1:08: Bond's car is followed by political rivals of Kerim's.
Bass and percussion (bongos) featured over suspenseful string chord

1:45: Bond is led through the Grand Bazaar.
Brass/xyl. accents over held string chord, becoming cello figure ending.
15 1 2:06 Stalking 0:00: Bond is stalked by Grant, a SPECTRE assassin.
Accent into suspense textures based loosely on Bond theme, ending in tremolo strings

1:05: Bond is apparently killed, lights come on and a double is revealed.
Accents into held suspense textures and more accents, ending in tic-toc harp over low strings.
16 8 1:57 Leila Dances Unused, replaced by authentic Turkish music (Bond and Kerim Bey watch a dancer at the gypsy camp.)
Bass line somewhat derived from 007 bass motif, joined by lilting "Leila" melody on winds, strings, etc...
17 17.1 2:31 Death of Kerim 0:00: Bond, Kerim and Tania travel out of Istanbul on the Orient Express with the Lektor.  Bond and Tania prepare to meet Kerim in another car, but Bond is informed that Kerim has been killed.
Brass tremolo accents lead to FRWL motifs in a suspenseful/sad variation punctuated by vibes/harp, ending with timpani rolls/low strings.

1:25: Bond tells the train attendant to keep the news quiet, and investigates the murder scene.  The train skips the appointed rendezvous with Kerim's men.
Suspense textures on harp/vibes over cellos, brass ornaments, timpani/brass accents, ending in low piano figure.
18 16 3:02 007 Takes the Lektor (alt.) When Kerim Bey sets off an explosion at the Russian consulate, Bond sneaks in and, with Tania, steals the Lektor decoding device.  They escape in an underground passageway, avoiding a swarm of rats.
"I thought it was for tomorrow, but today is the 13th, isn't it?"
"It's a hell of a time to be superstitious, come on."
007 theme variation/resequence (nautical theme is less featured): timpani/snare ostinato motif, brass/string counter-rhythm, nautical theme on strings, then more developed brass, ending with timpani/basses and a brass accent.
6 1:48 The James Bond Theme Bond checks in to his hotel and room, and finds out his room is bugged.
Track 1 from "Dr. No" tracked in.
*If one wants to hear the CD in film sequence, the track order would be 15, 11, 2, 1, 14, 7 (1st min), 16, 5, 7, 12, 8, 6, 3, 4, 18, 17, 7 (2nd half), 13, 10.
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