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Star Trek, The Original Series: Pt. 2 (Courage, 1965)

     For fans of the original Star Trek television series, the background music is as familiar as Kirk, Spock and Bones themselves.  It's hard to over-emphasize how much the score successfully created the "vibe" of classic Trek, giving it a rich selection of adventurous and romantic themes to pit against more other-worldly scales, timbres and harmonies.  During its run, several major television composers worked on the program, but the first was Alexander Courage who, besides composing the iconic theme song, set the tone and tonal parameters for the entire series.

     Lala-Land's "Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection" includes every bit of music from the entire series.  The track listings below are from the 2nd disc in this box set (of 15), which covers the 1st-aired episode, "The Man Trap", and the iconic episode "The Naked Time", both scored by Alexander Courage and building on thematic material he created in the previous episodes he scored.

2.1: Alexander Courage: The Man Trap
     The score for this episode features the Captain's theme (4-note rising fanfare) for Kirk, the exotic Nancy theme (variations on a 3-note rising motif) for the "salt vampire", falling muted brass ornaments for Dr. Crater, and slow electric organ textures for the alien surface.  Nancy's theme is most strikingly presented when it is played on electric violin and cymbal rolls.  Her theme also has some falling ornamental wind figures at times.  The eerie use of electric violin in this episode extends to the Star Trek main title theme.
Trk Dur Title Sequence
1 0:55 Main Title (electric violin version)
2 3:29 Small Planet Visit 0:00: Kirk voice-over as the Enterprise orbits a planet with Spock in command.  Kirk and McCoy beam down (Captain's theme in brass, falling muted brass). 
0:43: Kirk teases McCoy about his old flame, Nancy, who they are visiting (Captain's theme in various winds).  They discover an empty home (Low winds).
The Changeling 1:22: A young Nancy appears and greets McCoy (Nancy theme in electric violin).  However she appears elderly to Kirk (Nancy theme in oboe).
1:59: She also looks like a girl from a pleasure planet to crewman Darnell (Nancy theme in sax).  Kirk teases McCoy about his nickname, Plum (Nancy theme in oboe). 
2:57: When Nancy leaves to get her husband, she lures Darnell away from his post (Nancy theme in sax).
3 1:01 Episode Titles 0:00: Kirk voice-over, as Dr. Crater arrives and caustically greets Kirk and McCoy.
Genuine Affection 0:35: McCoy is puzzled when Kirk mentions Nancy's grey hairs.  Dr. Crater is pleased that McCoy still cares for his wife.
4 1:54 First Goner 0:00: A scream brings the men outside where they find Nancy standing over a dead Darnell (brass accents based on Nancy theme, Nancy theme on el. violin, oboe, synth, etc).
Salty Cat 0:51: McCoy is puzzled that Nancy now looks elderly.  Nancy asks about salt tablets as Kirk orders a return to the ship.
1:27: Back on the bridge, Mr. Spock criticizes Uhura's work.
Dressing Down 1:44: Kirk yells at Bones for worrying about Nancy's changing appearance when a crewman is dead.
5 3:18 Circle One 0:00: The Enterprise circles the planet, Kirk is seen on the bridge (with voice-over).
Monitor Gizzard 0:25: Kirk is called to sickbay by McCoy, who is puzzled by monitor readings.  
Down Again 0:38: Kirk orders a return visit to the planet.  Dr. Crater is irritated.
Grey to Greene 0:51: (Mostly unused, features electric organ) Outside, Nancy hovers over a dead crewman.  Crater tries to lure  Nancy to him with salt.  Kirk and McCoy find the body.  Nancy transforms into the identity of another dead crewman (Greene).  Kirk orders everyone back to the ship.
6 1:35 Salt Chaser 0:00: (Partially used) On the Enterprise, Greene follows the smell of salt on Yeoman Rand's dinner tray (Nancy theme on el. organ over cymbal rolls).
7 1:08 Noisy Plant 0:00: (Partially used) Greene follows the smell to Sulu's greenhouse.  He hovers over Sulu's tray when a plant starst making noises.
8 2:54 At First Sight 0:00: Greene sees Uhura and transforms into a black man.  The man flirts with her, but then begins making threatening gestures.  Sulu and Rand arrive and break the spell.  McCoy lies down in his quarters.
Pill Tosser 2:20: McCoy considers taking a sleeping pill.  The black man wanders the corridors looking desperate.
9 1:56 Nancy Schmancy 0:00: (Partially used) The black man changes back to the elderly Nancy, and she visits McCoy in his quarters.  She flirts with him and urges him to take the sleeping pills.
1:32: Sula and Rand discover another victim.
10 2:03 The Unreal McCoy 0:00: Captain's log.  Nancy comforts McCoy as he drifts off (Nancy's theme featured in electric violin over electric organ textures).  Nancy transforms into McCoy.
1:37: Captain's log, Kirk and Spock beam back to the planet surface.  Dr. Crater tries to scare them off.
11 4:05 Top Security 0:00: Kirk is informed of more crew deaths.  Spock finds Greene's body.  Kirk is puzzled and alerts Sulu of a possible intruder.
Lazer Dazer 0:56: Crater opens fire on Kirk and Spock.  They get under cover.
1:47: McCoy visits the bridge and asks about the "creature".
2:41: Back on the planet, Kirk and Spock manage to flank Crater and stun him.  He begins talking about the creature as the "last of its kind".
Dodo Girl 3:54: Kirk alerts the ship that an intruder is aboard.
12 4:50 Conference 0:00: (Partially used) Captain's log.  Security teams report (Hero motif).  Kirk has a conference with his bridge crew to gather information.  The fake McCoy recommends patience and Crater suspects its true identity (Nancy's theme developed on cello).  Kirk interrogates Crater who resists helping to destroy the creature.
4:24: Kirk finds out that Spock was knocked out by the fake McCoy and visits him in sickbay.
13 4:16 Dead Crater 0:00: Kirk finds a dead Dr. Crater.  Spock reasons that he survived due to his alien biology.
Last of the Last 0:11: The fake McCoy returns to McCoy's quarters and wakes him up after transforming back to Nancy.
0:33: (Partially used) Kirk arrives, armed and accusing Nancy of being a killer.  McCoy is disbelieving but Kirk lures it with salt tablets.
1:37: Nancy grabs the salt tablets and holds Kirk mesmerized.  Spock arrives and fights Nancy to no effect.  McCoy is puzzled at her great strength.
2:34: Nancy returns to Kirk and transforms into its natural "alien" state just as it starts killing the captain.  McCoy finally shoots it.  It changes back to Nancy one more time begging for mercy.  McCoy shoots again and kills it. 
3:59: The ship is seen preparing to leave orbit.
14 0:48 Warp One 0:00: (Partially used) Kirk orders the Enterprise to leave orbit.
15 1:09 Trailer
('The Man Trap')
Trailer montage (falling brass, Nancy theme on electric violin, Captain's theme on trumpet and flute, rising brass fanfare).

2.2: Alexander Courage: The Naked Time
     This episode features many different dramatic thematic ideas, but one motif which occurs often is the rising zig-zag flute/clarinet motif (2-note falling accents which rise when repeated), which more or less represents "infection".  Riley gets a kind of "Irish" theme, while Sulu is joined by a swashbuckling fanfare during his fencing episodes.  The concept of "unattainable love" is expressed in various cello figures.  The episode ends with the iconic Hero motif developed in "The Big Go", as well as the memorable trumpet ostinato in "Time Reverse".
Trk Dur Title Sequence
16 3:00 Brass Monkeys 0:00: Captain's log, the Enterprise orbits a blue planet (Trek theme in brass, glockenspiel). 
0:22: Spock and a crewman (Joe) beam down to find frozen occupants, with one strangled (brass fanfare, rising winds/eerie high harmonies, falling accents).
Out of Glove 1:28: Spock and Joe explore further (rising wind figures, col legno strings).  Joe takes off his glove to scratch his nose and is infected by an alien substance (rising zig-zag Infection motif in flute).  Unaware, Spock reports to Kirk (swelling cadence).
17 1:23 Breaking Planet 0:00: Captain's log (Trek theme), Kirk is puzzled by the mystery (Captain's theme), the away team beams back.
Sweaty Palm 0:33: Joe rubs his palm strangely and acts emotional in front of the captain (rising zig-zag Infection motif in clarinets with Captain's theme in brass, oboe).
Itchy Hand 1:04: Joe rubs his hand some more (zig-zag Infection motif continues, etc).  Kirk reviews tapes.
18 3:04 Joe Berserk 0:00: In the cafeteria, Joe begins a meal still playing with his hand.  He is joined by Sulu and Riley.  Joe is irritable.
1:20: Joe gets up and becomes heated (muted brass accents).
2:05: Joe starts to threaten himself with a dinner knife.  Sulu and Riley struggle with Joe until he falls to the ground injured.  Riley calls security but gets an "itchy" hand.
19 1:15 Pulled Down 0:00: The Enterprise bridge crew compensate for gravity disturbances from the planet below.
It Spreads 0:31: Riley and Sulu rub their hands strangely as Kirk and Spock wonder about Joe's behavior.
20 1:03 Joe Goes 0:00: McCoy is puzzled at Joe's death.
Sulu Finks Out 0:16: Sulu invites Riley down to the gym for a workout while on duty (the Infection motif is developed with added brass).  He leaves.
21 3:10 Up the Rebels 0:00: Riley begins talking about Irish ability (lilting "Irish" theme begins in winds).  Spock orders him to report to sickbay (brief Hero motif).  When he eventually gets there he flirts with Nurse Chapel and gives her the alien infection.
D'Artagnan-san 2:04: Sulu fences shirtless in the corridor and threatens other crewmen (rising brass swashbuckler fanfares, "sneaking" music).  Kirk arrives back at the bridge.
22 2:13 Banana Farm 0:00: The planet's gravity shifts again, requiring a quick adjustment.
0:30: Sulu arrives on the bridge with his sword (swashbuckler fanfares).  Uhura distracts him and Spock gives him a Vulcan nerve pinch.
1:11: (Partially unused) Kirk finds out that Riley has taken over the engine room (Irish theme over Captain's theme).  Spock warns Kirk of the ship's impending crash into the planet.
23 1:51 Out of Control 0:00: As the ship spirals down, Kirk rushes to meet Scottie outside the engine room.
Lurch Time 0:21: The ship lurches from the planetary gravity interference (danger fanfares).
Punchy Kid 0:41: Scottie works inside the Jefferies Tube as Riley sings (tense piano/snare intercut with Irish theme).  The ship is momentarily stabilized.
24 1:36 Party Time 0:00: Spock urges Scottie to break through the engine room door faster (Hero motif).  In sickbay, McCoy examines Sulu.  He leaves and Nurse Chapel begins playing with her hair.
1:21: On the bridge more crewmen become sick.
25 4:32 Medicine Girl 0:00: Spock encounters an amorous Nurse Chapel (led by cello with heavy vibrato).  She infects him and he struggles to control his emotions (rising and falling figures in contrary motion).
3:53: Kirk and Scottie get to the engine room and arrest Riley.
Hot Skin 4:07: Kirk finds out that Riley has  turned off the engines and that it will be impossible to restart them before the ship crashes.  Uhura reports the outer hull heating up.
26 1:08 Off the Cloud 0:00: The ship continues to descend.  Kirk talks to Scottie about a controlled implosion (Captain's theme in trumpet layer).
0:36: McCoy's hypo cures Sulu out of his infected state.  
27 4:02 Captain's Wig 0:00: Kirk finds a distraught Spock (figures in contrary motion).  He slaps Spock.  They tussle and Kirk also gets infected.  Spock gasps about an intermix formula to save the ship (fateful Captain's theme in rising harmonies).  Kirk rallies and gets hold of himself (poignant cello).  He tells Spock and Scottie to prepare for the implosion.  He makes his way to the bridge (fateful Captain's theme/poignant cello, rising winds).
28 2:45 The Big Go 0:00: Kirk enters the bridge and McCoy gives him a shot (fateful Captain's theme developed with suspenseful snare roll pulse).  The crew prepare to jumpstart the ship.  Kirk briefly looks at Yeoman Rand (poignant cello figure, Trek theme).
1:30: Kirk orders the bridge to engage the intermix formula and the modulated warp implosion begins (Hero motif developed in brass layers).  After a moment of discomfort, the crew are successful and escape the planet (falling wind figures).
29 1:50 Time Reverse 0:00: Sulu reports that his chronometer is running backwards (trumpet/glockenspiel ostinato joined by fateful brass).  Kirk orders Sulu to slowly reverse power (ostinato slows, halts).  Time returns to normal (Trek theme developed in horns, trumpets, winds).
Future Risk and End Title 1:14: Kirk orders Sulu to resume course (Captain's theme developed).
30 1:07 Trailer
('Mudd's Women')
Trailer (slinky brass and jazz rhythm, Captain's theme variations, danger fanfares).
31 0:46 End Title (electric violin version)

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