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Godzilla vs. Gigan/Terror of Mechagodzilla (Ifukube, 1972/75)

Godzilla vs. Gigan
     In 1972's "Godzilla vs. Gigan" (also known as "Godzilla on Monster Island, 地球攻撃命令 ゴジラ対ガイガン, lit. "Earth Destruction Directive: Godzilla vs. Gigan"), the music score was assembled almost entirely from retracked music of previous productions using Akira Ifukube's music (many of which were not Godzilla-related).  For audience members not familiar with the source films, the approach works well enough, and the retracked cues are applied in a fairly thematic way.  The music was retracked from the following 11 productions and the cues indicated:
  • THE BIG BOSS:­ M12T2, M15B
  • ATRAGON: The Film That Was Sent, The Submarine Returns to Port
  • BATTLE IN OUTER SPACE: Opening, Main Title
  • FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD: Main Title, Search March, Encounter in the Rain, The Whereabouts of the Wrist, Search in the Fog
  • LATITUDE ZERO: Mariku and Dr. Okada
  • GODZILLA VS. THE THING: Destruction of the Hamikaze Hotel, Godzilla and Nagoya, Plan B: Electrocution 
  • GHIDORAH THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER: Discovery of the Meteor, The Three Giant Monsters Enter the Fray, The Two Monsters Appear in Yokohama, The Fury of the Gravity Beam
  • DESTROY ALL MONSTERS: Monster Land, SY-3 Sortie, Escape From Monster Land, Major Battle at Fuji I/II
  • EXPO '70 Mitsubishi exhibit: Volcano, Storm
     The only newly composed track was the end title, which was composed by Miyaguchi Danro (and sung by Ishikawa Susumu).  Since the budget and production values for the Godzilla films at this point approached that of a television series, it's more or less forgivable that the score for this feature was assembled in this way.

     Story-wise, a young artist becomes employed by designers of the under-construction Children's Land amusement park.  The artist (Gengo) meets some new friends who reveal to him that his employers are actually evil aliens.  The aliens use a special tape to call King Ghidorah and Gigan to Earth in order to wreak havoc.  Godzilla and Anguiras come to the rescue (though Anguiras gets a decidedly chilly reception on his initial reconnaissance mission).  A "Godzilla Tower" exhibit at the Children's Land park shoots lasers at Godzilla, but Gengo and his friends blow it up.  In the end the space monsters are sent fleeing through the clever teamwork employed by the Earth protectors.

     The score to Godzilla vs. Gigan has seen several releases over the years.  The below table is based on the main score tracks from Godzilla Perfect Box 3, Disc 2, which also includes 7 bonus tracks of karaoke and alternate versions at the end.
Trk Dur Title Film Sequence
1 2:13 Main Title 0:00: Logo.
Tremolo strings, fanfare with piano clusters (THE BIG BOSS:­ Cue M12T2).
0:20: Main Title with brief sequence of Godzilla.
Terror motif on brass/piano (GODZILLA VS. THE THING: Destruction of the Hamikaze Hotel, edit).
0:38: Pan across control desks.
Rhythmic strings joined by brass fanfares and accents with timpani, ending in rising gliss (EXPO '70 Mitsubishi exhibit: Volcano, edit).
2 0:38 Childland Construction The Children's Land Construction site is seen.  A miniature is shown to Gengo.
Piano/horn figure into playful wind theme and rhythm (A LIFETIME OF BUSINESS SAVVY - THE TOUGHEST GUY AROUND: The Meiji Restoration).
3 0:30 Monster Island The Children's Land developer tells Gengo that Monster Island will be destroyed, as the camera pans over the Monster Island monsters.
Horn call over timpani roll, accents (DESTROY ALL MONSTERS: Monster Land, edit).
4 0:20 Special Tape Gengo picks up a mysterious tape which a nervous girl escaping from Children's Land has dropped.
Tremolo strings, piano/bass/vibraphone accents (ATRAGON: The Film That Was Sent).
5 1:17 Construction Committee President Gengo meets the unusually young Children's Land chairman, Fumio, in his office.  Chairman Fumio is informed that Action Tape 2 has been stolen.
Low piano rhythm under suspenseful figures in alto flute, gong, bass clarinet, muted brass, and string clusters (FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD: Main Title, edit).
6 1:04 Night Park Gengo is accosted by the girl and a hippy friend at night in the park.
Folky accordion (THE BIG BOSS: Cue M15B).
7 0:53 Godzilla Tower at Midnight The tape is retrieved from a locker.  An elevator rises to the top of the Children's Land Godzilla Tower.
Suspenseful string clusters/tremoli/low piano/cymbal, high winds/cymbals (ATRAGON: The Submarine Returns to Port).
8 0:53 Angillas Sent Forth On Monster Island, Godzilla sends Anguiras out to investigate the tape signal.
Heavy Monster Land theme intercut with low rhythmic wind/brass/string accents (DESTROY ALL MONSTERS: Monster Land, edit).
9 1:34 Older Brother's Whereabouts Gengo searches the Children's Land offices for the girl's missing brother.
Suspenseful alto flute over metallic textures, isolated episodes of piano, gong, bass clarinet, synth/vibraphone, flute/tremolo strings (LATITUDE ZERO: Mariku and Dr. Okada).
10 0:55 Identity Investigation Gengo, the girl and her hippy friend go around the city looking for clues to the Chairman.  Anguiras swims in the ocean.
March on winds/strings/snare (FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD: Search March, edit).
11 0:32 To Yamano City The investigation takes Gengo to the Chairman's hometown.
March on winds/strings/snare (FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD: Search March, edit).
12 1:07 Disaster One Year Ago Gengo and his friends look at photographs at Fumio's parents' home.  They learn that he and his teacher died a year ago in an accident.  At Children's Land, Fumio gets a transmission from Nebula M Spacehunter.
Suspenseful figures in alto flute/piano, then muted brass, synth/strings, winds, etc. (FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD: Encounter in the Rain).
13 1:32 Defence Force Deployment I The army is deployed to repel Anguiras.  Anguiras swims to the docks and makes landfall.
Destroy All Monsters March (DESTROY ALL MONSTERS: SY-3 Sortie).
14 2:12 Angillas Repulsion The army puts spotlights on Anguiras and opens fire.  Anguiras is repelled.
Xilien theme on synth/strings/low winds/gong, Planet X motif alternating with brass fanfares, ending in brass Escape theme (2x) (DESTROY ALL MONSTERS: Escape From Monster Land).
15 0:20 Take-Off (Cigarrette with Transmitter) Gengo reports to his friends that he's found the missing brother at Children's Land.  The aliens follow him.
Same as T4: Tremolo strings, piano/bass/vibraphone accents (ATRAGON: The Film That Was Sent).
16 0:49 Assassination Squad Attack The aliens hold Gengo and his friends at gunpoint but Gengo's girlfriend arrives and uses her karate to scare them off.
Tremolo strings with organ chords, alternating with vibraphone/winds/muted brass/piano (FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD: The Whereabouts of the Wrist).
17 2:02 Signal to Space Godzilla and Anguiras leave Monster Island.  The aliens work their electronic controls.  Chairman Fumio sends signals into space (pan away from Earth).
Alarmed string figures/brass, eerie strings/piano/vibraphone rhythm joined by flute theme, oboe, string tremoli phrases with piano into foreboding brass fanfares with timpani rolls and flute trills, ending with brass and piano cluster (BATTLE IN OUTER SPACE: Opening, edit).
18 1:25 Godzilla, Anguiras Depart Godzilla and Anguiras swim towards Japan.  Gengo prepares to infiltrate Children's Land to rescue the girl's brother.
Brass/drum accents with cymbals, snare and brass march slightly similiar to G. vs King Kong battle theme (BATTLE IN OUTER SPACE: Main Title).
19 0:43 Godzilla Tower Infiltration  Gengo's rescue attempt fails and he is caught.
Same as T16: Tremolo strings with organ chords, alternating with vibraphone/winds/muted brass/piano (FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD: The Whereabouts of the Wrist).
20 2:54 M Space Species The aliens reveal that they use dead humans as "uniforms".  They describe the polluted fate of their home planet, and their plan to invade Earth.
Cymbal/high sul ponticello string clusters, dialogue with Monster Control theme in bass clarinet, muted brass/cor anglais/piano, strings, timpani/organ accents, noisy strings, accents, flute/piano (FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD: Search in the Fog).
21 0:27 Invaders' True Shape The aliens' shadows reveal them to be giant cockroaches.  King Ghidorah and Gigan approach Earth.
Urgent brass accents/wobbling tones/string tremoli (GHIDORAH THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER: Discovery of the Meteor, 2x)
22 0:53 Defence Force Deployment II The army is deployed with advanced weapons to engage the approaching space monsters.
Destroy All Monsters March (DESTROY ALL MONSTERS: SY­3 Sortie, edit)
23 8:24 Space Monsters Attack Tokyo King Ghidorah and Gigan attack Tokyo.  The army eventually counter-attacks but are ineffective.  Godzilla and Anguiras continue swimming towards Japan.  Godzilla urges haste.  King Ghidorah and Gigan attack the docks.  Jets fire on the space monsters but are destroyed.  The aliens monitor the destruction.  Ghidorah destroys ground forces.  
Monster Fanfare, Ghidorah theme (with tail), Monster Control theme, Terror motif, Rodan theme, Resurrection theme, Rodan theme, rhythmic accents (slowing), Kong theme: low string/timpani rhythm with low brass/cymbal theme followed by Ghidorah tail fragment (4x), Ghidorah theme with tail, Monster Control theme, Terror motif, Rodan theme, Resurrection theme, Rodan theme, rhythmic accents (DESTROY ALL MONSTERS: Major Battle at Fuji I/KING KONG ESCAPES: Element X/DESTROY ALL MONSTERS: Major Battle at Fuji II)
24 5:00 Four Giant Monsters' Violent Fight Godzilla and Anguiras arrive and the four monsters fight.
Terror motif, joined by rhythmic piano/strings, Resurrection theme on strings/piano rhythm, joined by brass, Monster cadence, Terror motif, Fury theme, Terror motif into Resurrection theme over pounding piano march, joined by brass, Monster cadence (GODZILLA VS. THE THING: Godzilla and Nagoya/Plan B: Electrocution).
25 0:57 Godzilla Tower Escape Plan Gengo and his friends use a balloon and zipline to escape from Godzilla Tower.
Terror motif into Resurrection theme over pounding piano march, Monster cadence (GODZILLA VS. THE THING: Plan B: Electrocution, edit).
26 2:27 Earth Monsters vs Space Monsters The monster battle continues.
Mothra's Request theme in brass/tremolo strings, Ghidorah theme with trumpet/timpani tail, Terror motif, Rodan fanfare, Resurrection theme, Rodan fanfare, rhythmic accents (GHIDORAH THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER: The Three Giant Monsters Enter the Fray).
27 3:15 Space Monsters' Fierce Attack Godzilla is injured by Gigan's blade.  Lasers from Godzilla Tower hit Godzilla.  Gengo and his friends plan to destroy the laser.
Terror motif in low brass/low winds/synth, Resurrection theme (3-note variation) in low strings joined by brass, Rodan fanfare, Resurrection theme, Rodan fanfare, rhythmic string/harp accents, Terror motif fragment, Ghidorah theme ending with trumpet/timpani tail, followed by Ghidorah opening motif reprise (GHIDORAH THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER: The Two Monsters Appear in Yokohama/The Fury of the Gravity Beam).
28 2:31 Destruction of Godzilla Tower Operation Godzilla and Anguiras get into trouble.  Gengo and his friends use TNT to destroy Godzilla Tower.  The aliens are all killed.
Cymbals/drums swell into determined brass figures/accents, joined by tremolo strings/harp, poignant trumpet, recap intro (EXPO '70 Mitsubishi exhibit: Storm, edit).
29 6:16 Earth Monsters' Counterattack Godzilla is defeated by Gigan.  Ghidorah throws Godzilla into the wrecked Godzilla Tower.  Godzilla rallies and starts fighting again.  Anguiras fights Ghidorah.  Godzilla and Anguiras use teamwork and force the space monsters to eventually flee.
Rhythmic strings joined by layers of brass fanfares and accents with timpani, rising brass gliss, timpani rolls (4x) (EXPO '70 Mitsubishi exhibit: Volcano, looped edit).
30 1:29 Ending (Godzilla March) Godzilla and Anguiras swim out to sea.
Tremolo strings/brass/timpani joined by horn melody, strings, rhythm, vocals, children's choir, brass end cadence (Vocal:Ishikawa Susumu, Lyrics: Sekizawa Shinichi, Music: Miyaguchi Danro).
(The names of the retracked cues are from Sam Scali's notes at Godzilla Monster Music.)

Terror of Mechagodzilla
     In 1975, the initial wave of Godzilla films (the Shōwa series) ended with "Terror of Mechagodzilla" (メカゴジラの逆襲, lit. "Counterattack of Mechagodzilla").  For this final 70's entry, Akira Ifukube returned to deliver an all-new original score, 21 years after his first Godzilla film.  This score notable revives the Godzilla March from the first film, in place of Godzilla's more often used Terror and Resurrection themes from the last few films.

     The story is a somewhat familiar one:  a mysterious new monster, Titanosaurus, destroys a research submarine which brings about an investigation by Interpol.  One of the investigators, Ichinose, meets and falls in love with Katsura, the daughter of a mad scientist.  The mad scientist aids evil aliens in their plans to use giant monsters to wreak havoc on Earth.  In an earlier incident, the aliens saved Katsura's life, but also made her into a cyborg (and giving her the ability to control a rebuilt Mechagodzilla).  In the end, Katsura takes her own life to disable Mechagodzilla.  Godzilla defeats Mechagodzilla and Titanosaurus.

     "Terror of Mechagodzilla" makes up for the retracked "Godzilla vs Gigan" by providing 6 new themes, often with multiple parts (such as a declarative figure and a fanfare).  In track 7, "Mechagodzilla II", Ifukube cleverly puts Katsura's Cyborg theme in between Mechagodzilla theme statements, giving a clue that Katsura will later be turned into the control mechanism at the heart of the bionic behemoth.
  • Titanosaurus Theme A:
    • 4-note zigzag, 5-note rising (usually repeated)
    • 2-part fanfare (7 + 6)
  • Titanosaurus Theme B:
    • 1-note, 5-note rising (usually repeated)
    • Rising-falling staccato phrase 
  • Mechagodzilla theme: 2-part fanfare (5 + 4), 5-note falling-rising figure repeated
  • Godzilla March: descending 3-note figures, ending in rhythmic accents (from "Godzilla").
  • Katsura Human Theme: in 2 phrases (7 + 5)
  • Katsura Cyborg Theme: in 2 phrases (7 + 4), with the last 4 note phrase sometimes echoed 
     The score to Terror of Mechagodzilla has seen several releases over the years.  The below table is based on the main score tracks from Godzilla Perfect Box 3, Disc 5, which also includes 2 bonus track alternate takes at the end.
Trk Dur Title Film Sequence
1 4:33 Main Title Logos, Titles over scenes from Godzilla vs the Bionic Monster: A fake Godzilla changes into Mechagodzilla .  They battle at night and during the day.  Godzilla tears off Mechagodzilla 's head and it falls into the sea.  The sequences are intercut with freeze-frames.
Gong/snare/synth march, Mechagodzilla theme fanfare in brass/gong, Godzilla March in strings/brass/gong/synth, Titanosaurus theme A in strings/gong, brass/synth, Titanosaurus theme B in strings/synth/brass, Mechagodzilla theme in brass/winds/gong, Godzilla March, Titanosaurus theme A in strings/gong, brass/synth, Titanosaurus theme B, Mechagodzilla theme in brass/gong.
2 1:06 Akatsuki One' in Distress Titanosaurus' tail causes an underwater disturbance which forces a submarine to the surface.  Titanosaurus destroys the sub.
Titanosaurus theme A in strings/gong, brass/flute/piccolo, Titanosaurus theme B in strings/synth/brass/winds, Titanosaurus theme A in strings.
3 0:32 Mugar to the Earth A saucer ship from the Black Hole alien empire flies to Earth.
Synth/vibraphone accent joined by eerie piano/xylophone figures.
4 0:49 Dr. Mafune's Past Dr. Mafune's past at the Institute is described by a voice-over accompanied with B&W stills.  Mafune theorizes about Titanosaurus and claims that he can control it.  He is dismissed from his institute.
Slow, tragic/noble organ.
5 1:33 The Female in the Mafune Family Ichinose and his police friend are greeted by Mafune's daughter, Katsura, who claims her father is dead.  They ask her about Titanosaurus.  Katsura acts strangely and the men leave.
Katsura Human theme in flute over vibraphone/hihat/piano pulses, Katsura Cyborg theme in flute, then becoming strings, synth, Human theme in bass clarinet over hihat, Cyborg theme in winds/strings, eerie suspense tremolo.
6 0:50 Off to Mount Amagi Mafune, Katsura and an alien Black Hole agent arrive at and enter Mount Amagi.  They are shown a secret door to a futuristic installation.
Distant brass fanfare, Titanosaurus theme B on clarinet/cor anglais/synth/bass clarinet over piano pulses.
7 1:48 Mechagodzilla II They see Mechagodzilla being rebuilt.  They meet the leader of the Black Hole aliens, Mugal.  He asks Mafune for the device to control Titanosaurus.  
Mechagodzilla theme in brass/timpani, brass/piano, Katsura Cyborg theme in flute/vibraphone with piano, Mechagodzilla fanfare in brass/timpani.
8 0:46 Ichinose and Katsura Ichinose meets Katsura and shows her some of Mafune's notes that he's found.  She tries to tell him to stay out of the situation.
Katsura Human theme in winds over vibraphone/hihat, Cyborg theme in flute/piano pulses, then becoming strings.
9 1:34 Katsura's Memories In a flashback, Katsura is injured in an accident.  Black Hole agents arrive and give her an artificial heart, saving her life.
Slow, tragic/noble organ (T4 2x).
10 1:13 Escape from Titanosaurus  Ichinose's sub is pursued by Titanosaurus under Katsura's control.  Signals from the sub disrupt the control signal, allowing Ichinose's sub to escape.
Titanosaurus theme A in strings/gong, brass/synth, Titanosaurus theme B in strings/synth pulses/bass clarinet, Titanosaurus theme A fragment in strings.
(variation of Track 2)
11 0:14 Ichinose Gets Tailed Ichinose is attacked by alien Black Hole agents near their base.
Katsura Human theme fragment in vibraphone over organ.
12 0:56 Titanosaurus Swings into Action Titanosaurus appears offshore.  The police prepare a counter weapon.
Titanosaurus theme A in strings/low winds/gong, brass/synth, Titanosaurus theme B in strings/synth pulses/bass clarinet.
13 1:12 Titanosaurus Attacks Titanosaurus comes ashore and attacks.  The army counters.  The police see Katsura and pursue her. 
(extended reprise of prev. track) Titanosaurus theme A in strings/low winds/gong, brass/synth, Titanosaurus theme B in strings/synth pulses/cor anglais/bass clarinet, strings, Titanosaurus theme A fragment in strings/brass.
14 1:15 The Appearance of Godzilla Godzilla appears out of the shadows and attacks Titanosaurus.  The police pursue Katsura into the forest and she falls over a cliff into the sea.
Slow Godzilla March in strings with low brass accents, joined by trumpets, Titanosaurus theme A in strings/low winds/gong, brass/synth.
15 0:43 Cyborg Surgery The Black Hole aliens operate on Katsura's cyborg torso.
Eerie high strings/piano/vibraphone/flute/cymbal with fragments of Cyborg theme.
16 0:39 Completed Robot Monster Mechagodzilla is ready for action.  Mugal tells Mafune that they have made Katsura the control device for Mechagodzilla .
Mechagodzilla theme in foreboding brass/timpani/piano.
17 1:16 The Mafune Family Tragedy Mafune asks the mesmerized Katsura for forgiveness.  Ichinose is captured by the aliens.
Katsura Human theme in strings, winds/synth, Cyborg theme in strings, cymbal/synth, Human theme in winds/piano/cymbal.
18 0:42 Mechagodzilla II Goes on the Offensive Katsura activates Mechagodzilla and it launches into the air.
High synth figure into Mechagodzilla theme in brass.
19 3:00 Mechagodzilla Counterattacks Mechagodzilla and Titanosaurus go on the rampage. 
More high synth into Mechagodzilla theme in brass, Titanosaurus theme A in strings/gong, brass, Titanosaurus theme B in strings/piano pulses/synth, theme A, theme B.
20 1:45 Godzilla vs. The Mega Monster Tag-Team Godzilla appears and fights the 2 monsters, but is out-matched.
Tremolo accent, Godzilla March on strings/brass, synth, Titanosaurus theme A in strings/brass, Godzilla March (slowing down).
21 3:30 Godzilla in Danger Titanosaurus and Godzilla fight hand to hand.  Godzilla gets the upper hand but is then attacked by Mechagodzilla .  Jets fire on all 3 monsters.  Godzilla is defeated.  Mechagodzilla and Titanosaurus bury Godzilla.
Titanosaurus theme A in strings/gong, brass, Titanosaurus theme B in strings/synth, brass, Mechagodzilla theme in brass/winds/gong, Godzilla March in brass/gong/synth, Titanosaurus theme A in strings/gong, brass, Titanosaurus theme B in strings/winds, Mechagodzilla theme in brass/gong.
22 3:38 Resurrection of Godzilla When the police disrupt the control signal for Titanosaurus, Godzilla bursts free of the ground and attacks Mechagodzilla .  Godzilla wades through Mechagodzilla 's barrage and attacks.  In the alien base, Ichinose attacks the aliens.
Godzilla March with brass/gong/synth, Titanosaurus theme A in strings/gong, brass, Titanosaurus theme B in strings/winds/synth, brass, Mechagodzilla theme in brass/gong, 
Godzilla March with brass/gong/synth, Titanosaurus theme A in strings/gong, brass, Titanosaurus theme B in strings/winds/synth, brass.
23 0:20 Sharpshooting Katsura is shot by a policeman.
Katsura Cyborg theme in cymbal/tremolo strings, strings.
24 1:47 Katsura's Death Katsura covers her exposed cyborg parts but Ichinose still expresses his love for her.  She asks Ichinose to kill her in order to break her control over Mechagodzilla .  She shoots herself and dies.
Katsura Human theme in strings/piano pulses, Cyborg theme on synth/winds, Human theme on strings, Cyborg theme on strings.
25 1:45 Invaders' Last Moments Godzilla destroys the now-inactive Mechagodzilla . Mugal tries to escape in his saucer but is destroyed by Godzilla's radioactive breath.  Godzilla defeats Titanosaurus.
Determined Godzilla March, Titanosaurus theme A in strings/gong, brass, Titanosaurus theme B in strings/winds/synth, brass, Mechagodzilla theme in brass/gong.
26 1:18 Ending Titanosaurus disappears below the waves and Ichinose mourns Katsura.  Godzilla departs into the sea.
Somber horns joined by resigned strings, winds, brass ending cadence.

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