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Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato (Miyagawa, 1978)

The First Television Series
    In 1974, the animated television series "Space Battleship Yamato" (Japanese: 宇宙戦艦ヤマト) premiered in Japan.  Although not an immediate hit, it later became a massive pop culture phenomenon, and a few years later was dubbed in English and programmed in the United States as "Star Blazers" (where it accumulated many more fans, including myself).

The Movies
     The success of the first film (compiled from key episodes from the first series) was followed by an even more popular, completely original sequel "Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato" (さらば宇宙戦艦ヤマト 愛の戦士たち, literally "Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato: Warriors of Love"), also called "Arrivederci Yamato".  The music for "Farewell" was again handled by the resourceful Hiroshi Miyagawa.

     In this story, the Yamato journeys to planet Telezart to receive a message from an antimatter "angel" named Teresa, warning of the evil White Comet Empire (Desslar, returning from the first film/TV series, also appears as a secondary adversary for the Yamato).  The White Comet eventually reaches Earth and all of Earth's forces are decimated.  The Yamato can only win by an act of self-sacrifice.   

     After the massive popularity of this film, a second Space Battleship Yamato series was produced, essentially telescoping-out the narrative from the "Farewell" movie, and adding a new, less final ending.  Much more about this series and the various score releases for this film/TV series can be found in my previous post on Space Battleship Yamato.  More about the music from the 2nd Series can be found here.

Symphonic Suite Recordings
    In between the first and second movies, several Yamato-related LPs were released, but the two most important would have to be the two "Symphonic" albums, consisting of new arrangements and recordings of original music cues used in the first and second film.  The first "Yamato Symphonic Suite" is especially rewarding: the original TV music cues were recorded in mono, but this recording renders them in glorious hi-fi stereo.  My analysis of "Yamato Symphonic Suite" appeared in the earlier post.  Below is a rundown of the second symphonic suite album, devoted to the then soon-to-be-released "Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato".  This recording was recently released as Sound Almanac 1978-2.

Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato:

Symphonic Suite
Trk Title Music Structure
FSBY-SS 1 Overture
0:00: Timpani/snare into Somber Yamato
0:31: White Comet brass attack fanfare, Yamato motif
1:16: Teresa Forever in winds, el. piano
1:46: Somber Yamato motifs leading into drums and Andromeda theme
2:33: White Comet attack cadence, Black Tigers, Sortie of the Enemy Fleet, White Comet attack cadence
3:28: Desslar: Loneliness/The Rival (layered)
4:02: Teresa Forever
4:12: Violin cadenza into snare beats
4:43: Yamato theme
5:00: Great Love:Yuki, Universe Spreading motif
FSBY-SS 2 White Comet
0:00: White Comet theme on full organ (full voices)
0:45: 2nd refrain
1:29: 3rd refrain with arpeggios
2:09: B theme interlude/cadenza
3:18: Attack cadence, etc
3:40: 4th refrain, slower with counter melody
FSBY-SS 3 Andromeda
0:00: Uptempo refrain in winds over rock beat
0:24: Refrain with brass
0:38: B theme in strings
0:52: Refrain with brass/strings/winds
1:07: Development, electric guitar rhythm joins
1:37: Refrain in full strings, snare pattern
1:51: Refrain in brass, Refrain in winds, fade out
FSBY-SS 4 Hero’s Hill
0:00: Sad trumpet solo over funereal timpani
0:46: Strummed guitar and strings/muted brass over slow march
1:41: Brass accents enter with chromatic descending background line, melody in strings, then horns
2:34: Soft textures, then trumpet melody returns over snare/timpani
FSBY-SS 5 Teresa Forever
(Based on vocal song "Theresa Forever".)
0:00: Harps and swirling lines into Series 2 End Credit song instrumental, melody carried by piano over soft rock and strings, then melody strings, then solo winds pick up the melody (various lead voices)
1:56: Repeat with development and variations
3:09: Coda
FSBY-SS 6 I Remember You
0:00: Song with wordless female voice backed by piano arpeggios, then with orchestra and ballad rhythm section
1:22: Instrumental repeat after chord turnaround
2:33: Female voice returns for outro
FSBY-SS 7 Desslar:
0:00: Hand percussion into driving cello theme, quickly joined by brass/winds/drums
0:28: Brass theme enters
0:46: Variation with new brass accents and syncopation
1:06: Repeat from top with variations
2:11: Outro cello rhythm and harp accents
FSBY-SS 8 Desslar:
0:00: Sad viola theme
0:40: Theme on strings with counter point
1:15: Theme in piano and soft rock orchestra
1:46: Theme in low strings and soft rock orchestra
2:17: Military rhythm and modulation, trumpet ornaments
2:48: Military texture developed
3:20: Cadence chord, then theme on solo guitar
FSBY-SS 9 Desslar:
The Rival
0:00: Trumpet-led intro over strings, soon joined by soft rock rhythm section
0:20: Resolute/noble theme in strings, later piano, trumpet, etc.
1:37: Theme led by electric guitar, strings, brass
2:35: Coda led by electric guitar
FSBY-SS 10 Imperial City
0:00: White Comet attack theme based on White Comet motif: brass/percussion/strings, swirling brass/strings
1:00: Variation with fast strings, swirling winds, etc…
1:34: Repeat 1st section
FSBY-SS 11 Great Love
0:00: Teresa theme: melancholy piano, soon passed to strings
0:45: Yuki theme: oboe introduces more cheerful piano-driven theme, soon picked up by strings (soft rock rhythm begins)
1:33: Teresa theme returns led by strings over piano/strings
1:55: Yuki theme returns with rhythm, modulating and strengthened by brass, etc
2:38: Coda
FSBY-SS 12 From Yamato
With Love
(Based on vocal song "From Yamato With Love".)
0:00: Electric piano theme over high strings, soon joined by strings and electric guitar
0:30: Staccato main theme on strings (soft rock rhythm begins)
0:56: B theme on ac. guitar
1:22: B2 theme in strings
1:49: Ending phrase on el. piano
2:04: Main theme in ac. guitar with el.guitar ornaments
2:31: B theme on trumpet
2:58: B2 theme on strings, then brass
3:37: Ending phrase on el. piano

Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato Score Releases
    About 53 minutes of original music was recorded for the "Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato" movie.  Another 45 minutes in the film consisted of retracked selections from the two aforementioned "symphonic suite" albums, as well as from the first TV series' original music cues (in mono).

     In 2000, a 2 CD "complete score" to "Farewell" was released as Eternal Edition 2/3.  This release is basically an "isolated score", and, aside from the ending song,  has every bit of original and retracked music in chronological sequence (even repeated cues).  The only problem with this was that many cues were grouped together, which made it hard to find specific cues, or to program out repeated/reused tracks.  For the 2012-2014 Sound Almanac CDs, all of the purely original cues for the "Farewell" film score were individually indexed on a single CD (Sound Almanac 1978-3).  The retracked cues were not repeated, but can be found on Sound Almanac releases of the three albums previously mentioned.  The table below identifies how all of these cues were organized and retracked, along with descriptions of their related film sequences and thematic content.  It's pretty wonderful to have all of these cues as individual tracks, but I have to admit, I still quite like Eternal Edition 2/3, just because it works as a "complete score" listening experience.

     The table below is really less complicated than it first looks, but in order to save SOME space I tried to use abbreviations:
     Reused tracks are in light colors and have their titles in parentheses with the original title.  The main thing here is the cue-by-cue notes to the tracks from Sound Almanac 1978, Vol. 3: Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato Score.

Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato:
EE Cue SA, SS, or BGM1 SA Title
(or original title)
Film Sequence,
Musical themes
1.1 M1 1 White Comet 1 Empty space, then the approach of the White Comet.
Dissonant organ drones/chords.
M1A FSBY-SS 2 (White Comet) The White Comet slowly revolves, then begins destroying planets in its path.
White Comet organ theme (without B section).  
M1B 2 White Comet 2 Natives are subjugated - montage of ships attacking cities.
White Comet organ theme in low register, then B section.
1.2 M2 SBY-SS 1 (The Universe Spreading Out
into Infinity)
Opening titles over Solar System planets.
The Universe Spreading Out into Infinity with wordless vocal, strings, rhythm section.
1.3 M3 3 New Battleship Andromeda 1 Transition from Kodai's ship in space to Earth HQ.
Brass EDF (Earth Defense Force) fanfare based on Yamato motifs.
M4 4 New Battleship Andromeda 2 Opening ceremony for the launch of the Andromeda.
Uptempo Andromeda theme led by brass and winds, supported by rhythm section.
1.4 M5 5 Reunion  Yuki greets Kodai at the landing pad.  They make plans for their new apartment.
Uptempo soft rock version of Great Love: Yuki, melody shared by brass and strings.
1.5 M6 6 Hero’s Hill  Dr. Sado drinks alone (with Mikun) at Okita's memorial on the anniversary of his death.
Sad funeral march tempo led by trumpet.
M7 BGM1 5 (Yamato Rises!! (Yamato Sleeps in the Setting Sun)) The assembled Yamato crew salute and toast Okita's memorial. 
1.6 M8 7 Mysterious Message 1 After hearing a mysterious transmission from space warning of the White Comet, Kodai states that they should investigate.
White Comet motifs on piano and tremolo strings, mysterious figures.
M9 8 Mysterious Message 2 After the ruling party denies the investigation, the Yamato crew meet in the old, underground Earth HQ to discuss the situation.  Worried strings/timpani.
1.7 M10 9 Yamato Decommissioned  The crew find out that the Yamato is to be decommissioned.
Sad brass, bass, drums, timpani.
M11 SBY-SS 10 (Recollection
Pt 2)
Kodai reflects on the Yamato's journey and return from Iscandar (montage).  The crew decide to disobey orders, except for Shima, who is hesitant.
Yamato Returns Home: violin solo, then strings/vibes/harp.
M12 SBY-SS 6 (Reminiscence
Pt 2)
Kodai visits the Yamato alone, and makes his way to the bridge, where the lights spontaneously activate.
Yamato's Sorrow: strings led by wind soloists, then trumpet, etc. ending in vibes figure.
1.8 M13a SBY-SS 2 (The Birth) Dr Sado mounts Okita's picture, the Yamato prepares to launch, but Shima's seat is vacant.  The Yamato takes to the sea with Kodai piloting it.  Suddenly Shima appears, to everyone's relief.
The Birth (Somber Yamato, The Silence of Space, March transitions, Variations on Yamato and Great River Saga themes, Yamato Main theme)
M13b BGM1 34 (Original Yamato theme) The Yamato launches into the air.
Original Yamato Theme
M13c BGM1 14 (The Yamato
Departs the Earth)
The Yamato leaves Earth's atmosphere.
The Yamato Departs the Earth Pt 1
1.9 M14 BGM1 36 (Crossing the Beautiful Ocean
(w Rhythm))
Kato's Cosmo Tiger squadron joins the Yamato's "rebellion".
Crossing the Beautiful Ocean (w Rhythm)
M15 BGM1 14 (The Yamato
Departs the Earth)
The Yamato journeys outside the Solar System.
The Yamato Departs the Earth Pt 2
1.10 M16 10 (Fate of)
The Yunagi
The Yamato discovers the wreckage of Fleet 11's flagship, the "Yunagi".
Suspense music.
M16b BGM1 31 (Abandoned City) Kodai takes out a hospital ship to look for survivors and finds Hijikata.
1.11 M17 11 Yuki 1 As Dr Sado receives the injured, Kodai sees Yuki is one of the nurses.  He becomes annoyed.
Great Love: Teresa, featuring strings, winds over mid-tempo 2/4 piano/guitar rhythm.
M18 12 Yuki 2 Kodai hears Yuki's reasons for joining such a dangerous trip.
Great Love: Yuki, slow, lush led by oboe, flute.
1.12 M19 13 Space Current Balsey reports to Zordar and Sabara about the Yamato.
M1B repr: White Comet organ, low register.
M20, 20a BGM1 17 (Warp,
Bridging stinger)
The Yamato makes a warp, the Yamato is caught in a Space Current.
1.13 M21 14 Sargasso of Space  The Yamato is being drawn towards a "Sargasso of Space", as well as a White Comet fleet.
Mysterious held textures with White Comet motif in sinister brass, leading to more suspenseful White Comet brass figures.
M21a BGM1 52? (Bridging stinger) Planet Telezart is revealed, just beyond the White Comet forces.
M22 BGM1 39 (Gamilas
Decides War)
The bridge crew plan what to do.  Hijikata suggests they float on the Space Current, since Telezart is in the line of fire of the Wave Motion Gun.
1.14 M23 15 Captain Hijikata 1 The Yamato pulls out of the Current after reaching a new angle of fire.
Strings accents lead to Yamato motifs in urgent brass, winds, timpani.
M24 16 Captain Hijikata 2 After firing the WMG, the White Comet fleet is destroyed.  Hijikata orders preparations for landing on Telezart.
Uptempo mood, brief Yamato motif.
1.15 M25 17 Telezart Landing Operations 1 The crew see a vision of Teresa floating over Telezart and receive a message.
Mysterious piano/glockenspiel figures, brief cor anglais based on Teresa motif, ending in mysterious, suspenseful textures.
M26 BGM1 16 (Black Tigers) Black Tigers launch to engage attacking ground fighters.
M27 18 Telezart Landing Operations 2 Space Cavalry forces descend from the Yamato onto the surface of Telezart, under cover of Yamato torpedoes.
Floating harps, brass and strings.
M29 19 Telezart Landing Operations 3 Saito's ground forces are briefly pinned down by battle tanks.
Brass-driven action with rock rhythm section, soon joined by swirling winds/timpani.
1.16 M29A 20 Prayer of Teresa
Inside a cavern, the glowing form of Teresa appears.
Teresa A motif on oboe under harp/strings, Teresa B motif in tremolo strings, A motif on flute, B on strings, then poignant cadence (ABA'BC form).
21 Prayer of Teresa
2, 3
Teresa describes the evil of the White Comet and why Earth must stop them.
Pastoral Prayer theme on oboe, then flute, strings over harp.
M31A 22 Prayer of Teresa
Teresa says she will pray for the Universe, and then fades away.  The Yamato leaves Telezart to intercept the White Comet.
Prayer theme on strings over harp, followed by brief wind figures over tremolo strings, mysterious harp, ending in Yamato motif in celli, strings.
1.17 M32 23 Leader Desslar 1 Zordar and his generals discuss the Yamato and Teresa.
White Comet organ theme, arpeggiated, then basic version.
M33 BGM1 15 (Enter Desslar) Desslar arrives and offers to destroy the Yamato.
M34 24 Leader Desslar 2 Desslar begins his attack on the Yamato and takes out its weaponry.
Desslar: Attacking (driving cello rhythm with action brass/strings/etc)
M36 FSBY-SS 2 (White Comet) Kodai and the crew see the White Comet behind Desslar's forces.  Zordar laughs.
White Comet organ theme (short).
1.18 M37 BGM1 17 (Warp) The Yamato makes a small warp to ram into Desslar's ship, also evading a blast from the Desslar cannon (though several White Comet ships are destroyed).
M38 24 (Leader Desslar 2) Saito's forces board Desslar's flagship and begin engaging Gamilas androids.
Leader Desslar 2 (Attacking) short reprise 24.
M38a BGM1 35 (Launch of
the Recon Ship)
Kodai enters the flagship, searching for the androids' control center.
1.19 M39,
25 Desslar’s Death 1 During a showdown with Kodai, a wounded Desslar falls to the ground.  He tells Kodai that his fight is over.
Desslar: Loneliness (sad violin solo, strings, piano over tremolo strings)
M41 26 Desslar’s Death 2 Yuki is shot by a White Comet spy.  Desslar gives Kodai his sympathies as well as a hint of how to defeat the White Comet.  He ejects himself into outer space and floats away.
Poignant figures based on Desslar: Loneliness motifs, then full theme shared on solo viola, violin, cello, bass, ending in tremolo string swell.
2.1 M42 FSBY-SS 2 (White Comet) Zordar orders the invasion of the Solar System to begin.
White Comet organ theme, arpeggiated theme.
2.2 M44 27 Medical Bay,
Tears of Love 
An injured Yuki sheds tears while talking with Kodai.
Sad theme on viola, strings.
2.3 M45 28 Counter-Attack of
the Earth Fleet 
The Andromeda leads a defensive force at the Moon.  Crowds of people salute the Earth fleet, as the Yamato hurries to rendezvous for the final battle.
EDF brass fanfare (development of M3), Andromeda theme, short.
M46 FSBY-SS 10 (Imperial City Gatlantis) At Saturn, the White Comet forces engage the Earth Defense Force.
White Comet attack theme.
2.4 M46a FSBY-SS 2 (White Comet) After destroying the Comet's destroyers, the Andromeda and the other Earth forces prepare to fire their WMGs at the White Comet itself.
White Comet organ theme.
M47a FSBY-SS 2 (White Comet) After surviving the WMGs and then wiping out the Earth fleet, the White Comet proceeds towards Earth (Zordar laughs).  Sanada wonders about a vulnerable spot.
White Comet organ theme arpeggiated .
M48 FSBY-SS 2 (White Comet) The White Comet passes the planets of the Solar System towards Earth, wreaking havoc.
White Comet organ arpeggiated theme (cont'd).
M49 29 Fate of Humanity (4) Hovering above the Earth, the White Comet sends out invasion ships.  In a transmission, Balsey passes on Zordar's ultimatum for surrender or annihilation.
Organ drone/chords, joined by White Comet organ theme in low register.
2.5 M50 BGM1 5 (Yamato Rises!! (Yamato Sleeps in the Setting Sun)) The people of Earth comfort themselves with the thought that the Yamato is still out there.
M51 FSBY-SS 2 (White Comet) As Zordar prepares to attack the Earth, the Yamato warps into its path and fires the Wave Motion Gun at it.
White Comet organ theme.
M52 FSBY-SS 2 (White Comet) The impact of the WMG on the White Comet causes massive turbulence and the Yamato moves to evade.
White Comet organ theme B section.
M53 30 Our Yamato (3) The White Comet apparently explodes, and everyone rejoices.
Victorious figures based on Yamato motifs.
2.6 M53a (29) Fate of Humanity (4) The cloud disperses to reveal Gatlantis, intact.
Organ drone/chords, joined by White Comet organ theme in low register (reprise of 29).
M54 31 Imperial City Gatlantis The city of Gatlantis is shown.  Zordar laughs.
Orchestral/organ danger theme using White Comet fanfares and motifs.
2.7 M55 BGM1 16 (Black Tigers) Cosmo Tigers launch for an attack, and the Yamato prepares to fire its artillery and torpedoes.
2.8 M56 32 Yuki’s Last Moment 1 The Yamato is severely damaged by the Gatlantis perimeter missiles.  Hijikata orders a descent below the Gatlantis perimeter missiles.  Yuki is injured again.
Yamato's Sorrow on trumpet over vibes, then various winds, etc.
M57 33 Yuki’s Last Moment 2 Yuki dies and the bridge crew bow their heads.  Meanwhile the Yamato takes fire from lower hemisphere Gatlantis artillery.
Based on Great Love motifs: Poignant strings, sad winds (oboe, flute), tremolo strings, etc
2.9 M58 BGM1 3 (Somber Yamato) Dr Sado is killed.  Tokugawa dies.  Hijikata gives out final orders to attack the Gatlantis launch bays.
2.10 M59 34 Charge Kodai leads a squadron of Cosmo Tigers with Saito and Sanada.  Yamamoto dies.  Kodai's forces enter the interior of Gatlantis.
Sortie of the Enemy Fleet - stereo rerecording.
M61 BGM1 52? (Bridging stinger) Kodai and his infiltration team discover Gatlantis' massive power generator.
2.11 M62 SBY-SS 1 (Overture) As Sanada and Saito prepare explosive charges, Kodai rushes back to the landing bay.  He flies back to the Yamato.
The Universe Spreading Out into Infinity w wordless vocal over strings.
M63 BGM1 5 (Yamato Rises!! (Yamato Sleeps in the Setting Sun)) The Yamato fires all guns and Gatlantis explodes.  Earth rejoices.
2.12 M64 35 The Dreadnought Appears Zordar's Dreadnought emerges from the Gatlantis ruins.
Big brass/organ/percussion chords.
M64a (2) (White Comet 2) The Dreadnought fires and destroys the Moon.  Zordar laughs.
White Comet organ theme in low register.
2.13 M65 36 Eternal Life 1 Kodai asks the mounted Okita memorial plaque what he should do, since he has no weapons or fighters.  A vision of Okita answers that he should fight with his life (suicide attack with the Yamato itself).
I Remember You on violin over piano, then piano over strings, violins over celli, recap.
M66 37 Eternal Life 2 Kodai orders everyone to evacuate so that he can pilot the Yamato alone into the Dreadnought.  He tells the bridge crew to leave and stay alive.
Scarlet Scarf on strings, then with counterpoint.
M66A 38 Eternal Life 3 The crew salute Kodai as they depart in the shuttle.  Kodai takes Yuki with him to the Captain's station.
I Remember You on wordless vocal over piano/strings, then piano/strings.
2.14 M67 BGM1 42 (Yamato's Sorrow) Kodai pilots the Yamato towards the Dreadnought.  Teresa appears and offers to go with him to help destroy Zordar's Dreadnought with her antimatter essence.
M68 SBY-SS 10 (Recollection Pt 2) Kodai tells Yuki how much he loves her.
Yamato Returns Home (Sorrow).
2.15 M69 39 Great Love 1 The Yamato heads towards Zordar's ship as the other crew members and survivors salute.
Yamato main theme intro on acappella male voices.
M70 40 Great Love 2 Ghostly images of friends and comrades float around Kodai and Yuki.  Kodai and Yuki smile as the Yamato disappears into the distance.
Great Love:Yuki slow tempo led by piano, then strings, soon joined by rhythm section, brass, etc.

From Yamato
With Love
End credits.
From Yamato With Love (with vocal).
2.16 FSBY-SS 12 (From Yamato
With Love,
From Yamato With Love (instrumental).

41 The Scarlet Scarf Stereo version for Space Battleship Yamato film: Magnetic force beams draw the Yamato down into Gamilas' interior, below the outer crust (also used in Ep. 3 of Yamato III).
Scarlet Scarf Series 1 end credit instrumental arrangement.
42 Mystery of Space Stereo version for Space Battleship Yamato film (unused): After firing the WMG, volcanoes erupt all over Gamilas, destroying many cities.  Desslar, at first stunned, begins laughing madly.
Variation of Universe Spreading Out Into Infinity, without vocal line.
43 Yamato Rises!! Stereo version for Space Battleship Yamato film (unused): The Yamato leaves Gamilas.  At the sight of Iscandar, Okita thanks the crew from his bed.
Yamato Rises!! (Yamato Sleeps in the Setting Sun) stereo rerecording.
44 Mysterious Yamato

(version w/o synth)
Stereo version for Space Battleship Yamato film (unused, but retracked for Yamato: The New Voyage): On Yamato's bridge, the crew eagerly look forward to returning home.  Kodai reports to Earth HQ that Okita is very sick.
Yamato's Sorrow stereo rerecording, notable with more vibes/glockenspiel.
M46 45 Battle Theme (Imperial City Gatlantis) Stereo version for Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato film (unused): At Saturn, the White Comet forces engage the Earth Defense force.
M46 original, replaced by version on FSBY-SS 10.
M54 46 Appearance
and Attack
(Imperial City Gatlantis)
Stereo version for Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato film (unused): The city of Gatlantis is shown.  Zordar laughs.
M54 without organ layer.

     I'm not too crazy about the official track titles on the CD, so below are more "descriptive" titles.  Feel free to copy these and use them in Foobar2000 to rename the tracks.

White Comet Approach
White Comet organ solo
EDF Fanfare
Reunion (Great Love: Yuki)
Hero’s Hill
Message of Mystery
Yamato Crew Meets Underground
Yamato Decommissioned
(Fate of) The Yunagi
Nurse Yuki (Great Love: Teresa)
Yuki's Reasons (Great Love: Yuki)
Space Current (White Comet organ solo reprise)
Sargasso of Space
Hijikata's Tactic
Hijikata's Victory
Teresa Above Telezart
Telezart Landing Operation
White Comet Ground Forces Attack
Teresa Appears
Teresa's Message
Teresa's and Yamato's Departure
Zordar's Meeting
Desslar: Attacking
Desslar: Loneliness
Dessler’s Death
Medical Bay ~ Yuki's Tears of Love
Counterattack of the Earth Fleet
Zordar's Ultimatum
Yamato's Victory over the White Comet
Imperial City Gatlantis Appears
Andromeda's Last Stand (Yamato's Sorrow)
Yuki’s Last Moment
Cosmo Tigers Charge into Gatlantis (Sortie of the Enemy Fleet, stereo)
The Dreadnought Appears
Okita's Message (I Remember You)
Kodai Orders the Yamato Evacuated (Scarlet Scarf)
Kodai and Yuki Pilot the Yamato (I Remember You)
Salute to the Yamato's Final Sacrifice
The Yamato's Final Journey (Great Love:Yuki)
The Scarlet Scarf (stereo ver for SBY movie)
Universe Spreading Out Into Infinity (stereo ver for SBY movie, from BGM 2)
Yamato Rises!! (Yamato Sleeps in the Setting Sun) (stereo ver for SBY movie, from BGM 2)
Yamato's Sorrow (non-synthi version) (stereo ver for SBY movie, from New Voyage BGM)
Imperial City (Gatlantis) (unused, from BGM 2)
Imperial City Gatlantis Appears (unused, from BGM 2)

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