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The Matrix Revolutions (Davis, 2003)

The Matrix The Matrix Reloaded The Matrix Revolutions

     Very shortly after completing the recording of "The Matrix Reloaded", Don Davis composed the equally breath-taking (if not more so) score to "The Matrix Revolutions".  Besides reuniting with Juno Reactor's Ben Watkins again for a couple of cues, all of the previously-featured themes and motifs get further developed or are combined in different ways.  The Trinity Love theme gets a beautiful farewell arrangement in "Trinity Definitely", and other themes which were only touched on in "Reloaded" get further explored here ("Zion Defense" theme, "Trinity Annoyed" motif, etc...).

     As befits the complexity of some of the battle scenes in this visually remarkable film, the music get pretty dense here at times, but it all fits together amazingly well.  When analyzing all 3 scores, it's pretty amazing how well-crafted the whole trilogy is, and how motifs and themes are woven through so organically, from beginning to end.  I'm sure upon further revisits of these scores, many other important themes which I haven't noticed yet will come to light (most likely all the places where I list "brass figure", "suspense strings", etc...). 

     As before in my "Reloaded" post, the listing below is for the Lala Land Limited Edition release of the Matrix Revolutions score on two CDs.  This release contains all of the music used in The Matrix Revolutions except for the jazz source music used in the Oracle's apartment (similar to that used in the first Matrix film - "I'm Beginning to See the Light", Ellington).

Trk Dur Title Film Action and Themes
1 1:25 Logos
  • 0:00: Warners/Village Roadshow logos (reflective brass motif, metallic whistling motif, subtle, low Matrix ostinato motif, etc...)
Main Title
  • 0:31: Falling green Matrix rain, push in to "U" of "REVOLUTIONS", blackness followed by a push in to a yellow explosion, a pull-back to a Matrix code bird's eye view of a city, a brief push in, then a further pull back to green code on an Operator's screen (slam, Matrix ostinati, brass accents in irregular rhythm ("Crash" motif), a suspended high-textured pause, more brass accents with spiraling winds, modulating, reflective brass, accents with low brass punctuation, rising strings).
2 2:24 Nothing But Blue Pills
  • 0:00: The crew of the Hammer search for signs of Niobe's ship ("Search" tremolo strings, low brass).
AK, Cold
and Mauser
  • 0:35: As Roland orders his crew to positions, Link picks up a call from Seraph (tremolo strings derived from Mission motif, building horns joined by subtle Zion Defense rhythm).
Our Lit Ovens
  • 1:26: Neo wakes up in the Train Station and meets Sati (a slam leads to boys voice, high strings, slow Search tremolo winds/brass).
3 1:39 Oracle Debacle
  • 0:00: Seraph takes Morpheus and Trinity to meet with the "new" Oracle. She tells them they must find the Trainman in order to save Neo (low textures, then plaintive high and low strings ).
4 2:42 Rama-Kandra
  • 0:00: Rama-Kandra tells Neo about his love for his daughter (soft strings and harp arpeggio (Sati theme), low string figure (Merovingian motif), then Karma motif on harp followed by Trinity Love theme on cor anglais under high strings).
The Trainman Cometh
(w. Juno Reactor)
  • 1:05: Seraph, Morpheus and Trinity chase the Trainman through subway platforms (City tremolo/Mission motif, reflective brass, pounding rhythm with trumpets/synths, low brass sirens, ending in brass/timpani swells, etc...).
5 1:51 The Trainman Goeth
  • 0:00: The Trainman arrives at the Train Station, but he prevents Neo from boarding (suspense strings, metallic whistling, muted brass snarls, rising high strings, accent with piano clusters ending in despondent brass). 
  • 1:28: Trinity decides that they must see the Merovingian (City tremolo strings).
6 3:24 Tetsujin
(w. Juno Reactor)
  • 0:00: Seraph, Morpheus and Trinity take out the entrance guards at the Merovingian's Hell Club (low atmospheric textures joined by low ethnic percussion (Taiko), trumpets, horns, strings, etc…  erupting in a percussion cadenza, ending in light percussion and brushed textures).
  • 1:23: The trio engage the gun check henchmen in a gunfight (brass swell leads to electronic slams, string clusters, rock beats and synth with a few reflective brass/accent interludes, ending in rising Fast-forward arpeggio).
7 5:46 The Road To Hell
  • 0:00: Seraph, Morpheus and Trinity agree to disarm in order to speak with the Merovingian.  The Merovingian demands the eyes of the Oracle in exchange for Neo (low atmospheric textures, brass swells/high strings, 8-note "Trinity Annoyed" motif on tremolo strings (later winds, horns) from 0:50, dueling with Merovingian motif/variations in low strings, eventually ending in a brass swell).
Time's Up
  • 3:17: Trinity threatens the Merovingian's life (energetic strings with tremolo brass ornaments, reflective brass, suspended trilling strings, ending in a brass swell).
The Road To Sourceville
  • 4:19: Neo sees a vision of the surface and his future (choral interlude). 
  • 4:35: The train arrives with Trinity on it (winding arpeggios leading to Trinity Love theme fragment in horns). 
  • 5:02: While driving through the city streets, Neo states that he must see the Oracle (piano on City tremolo (motif from The Matrix "Switch Out"), brass swells, high strings etc...).
8 1:37 He Is You
  • 0:00: The Oracle tells Neo that she sees Smith taking over both the Matrix and the Real World (atmospheric textures, Agent snarl).
"Everything that has a beginning…has an end."
  • 1:13: On the Hammer, Bane wakes up from his coma (Agent snarl, accent and swell).
9 5:34 The First Goodbye
  • 0:00: Sati says goodbye to the Oracle, as Seraph takes her away for hiding (brief oboe solo over sustained harmonies). 
  • 0:27: The Smiths arrive at the Oracle's building and track down Seraph and Sati (slam, followed by Bane brass motif and high strings, brass swell, metallic whistling/snarls, rising tension strings/brass, followed by high suspense textures, blends of metallic whistling and "extra-flanged" Agent snarling).
The All-Knowing Oracle
  • 2:25: The Smiths enter the Oracle's room and infect her (Agent snarl and muted brass swells/high strings, followed by a web of atonal string ornaments and muted brass, leading to piano clusters/swirling textures, Bane motif/Agent snarling, "developed" metallic whistling).  
  • 4:46: Roland and the others interrogate Bane (low strings).
  • 5:15: Neo has a vision of journeying to the Machine City (brief choral interlude).
10 5:09 The Logos Location
  • 0:00: The Hammer finds Niobe's ship, the Logos, and lands (Search tremolo motif variation over horn figure, then a low, winding string figure, horn figure). 
  • 0:58: A search for Niobe and Ghost is begun in the darkness (atmospheric suspense textures, then low string figures resume).
  • 1:50 Niobe appears.  Morpheus and Niobe talk about the Oracle (horn figure, then celli).
  • 2:29: Lock addresses the Zion Council concerning the defense of the Dock (faster tremolo string patterns (Mission motif) with a martial timpani beat and horn/string figure).
  • 3:16: Councilor Hamann asks about the fate of the Nebuchadnezzar (low string figure, noble horns, strings).
It's Crazy Zee
  • 4:02: Zee tells Cas that she intends to stay and defend the Dock in order to help ensure Link's safe return (plaintive, then resolute string figures).
11 8:10 Das Banegold
  • 0:00: The captains make plans to return to Zion (suspense, tremolo string figures (based on Mission harmony) over bass pulses, horns). 
  • 1:07: Neo appears and tells them that he has go to the Machine City (brief the One cadence, noble horn figures). 
  • 2:11: Niobe gives him the Logos, since she'll pilot the Hammer back to Zion.  Niobe tells Morpheus that she believes in Neo (high strings, harp arpeggio, muted brass figures, resolute strings, the One cadence).
  • 3:13: Bane begins to act strangely and eventually kills Maggie (high string tremoli, layers of low textures, action accent, piledriver).  
The Bane Revelation
  • 4:05: Trinity tells Neo she's going with him (low strings, full Trinity Love theme in fragile strings).
  • 5:13: The Hammer prepares to leave.  Neo says goodbye to Morpheus (fast pulsed suspense texture, wistful string figures, muted brass figure with timpani roll accent, followed by pulses under winds/brass).
  • 6:25: The Hammer leaves (Zion Defense theme (martial texture), resolute strings).
  • 6:53: The power goes out on the Logos.  Bane attacks Trinity (suspense string tremoli/horns, dissonant brass layers, action accent, Agent snarl over brass swells/string tremoli, ending in action accents/figures driven by piano/brass).
12 6:06 The Smith Within Us
  • 0:00: The crew of the Hammer find Maggie's body (suspense textures (tremoli somewhat based on Mission scale)). 
  • 0:38: Bane holds Trinity hostage.  After some scuffling, Neo finally realizes that it's actually Smith (low brass swells, Agent snarling, layers of muted brass moaning (bends), string tremoli, brief Sentinel-like action accent, metallic whistling, etc..., rising tremoli, Agent snarl, Bane brass motif, brass swell).
  • 3:22: Neo and Bane fight hand to hand (brass stabs and orchestral slams with a Fast-forward motif near the beginning, leading into kind of a "soft" variation of the Matrix subway "Fighting theme").
  • 4:05: Bane blinds Neo with a live cable (high suspended texture with cymbal "sizzling", sad horn figure, Agent snarling, string tremoli rising in tension).
"The blind messiah."
  • 5:03: 
"I can see you."   
Neo dispatches Bane (the One motif, noble brass into rising/falling winds, becoming "floating away" winds, low strings).
"It's not over, Mr. Anderson."
  • 5:34: Trinity comforts Neo (brass, hint of Trinity in strings).
13 2:22 Men In Metal
  • 0:00: Lock prepares his Dock defense, Mifune rallies the APU units (wind/string tremoli into military theme (Zion Defense theme) with noble brass figures, falling strings motif (scalar, no longer 2-note based)). 
  • 1:51: Zee and Charra try to keep their courage up (suspense strings).
14 6:53 Niobe's Run
  • 0:00: Niobe tries to sneak the Hammer through the tunnels without alerting the Sentinels (low suspense brass, quiet string tremoli/brass). 
  • 0:53: The Sentinels are alerted.  
"Jig's up, here they come." 
The Hammer makes a run for it (accent, then Sentinel theme developed, reflective brass now as a tremolo figure, desperate Nebuchadnezzar theme in strings/brass, action tremoli with rhythmic piano figures).
The Breach
  • 2:08: Mifune's APU defense squad witnesses the first appearance of the Machine Diggers in the roof of the Dock.  Mifune's forces engage the Sentinels (Zion Defense followed by tense high strings, brass swells into variation of Sentinel theme, snare rolls, martial Zion Defense theme with hint of Nebuchadnezzar theme in strings).
"Knuckle up!  For Zion!"
Boom Hilda
  • 4:00: The Digger begins further drilling (Digger motif).
  • 4:11: Defenders (including Zee and Charra) with bazookas attempt to take out the Digger's legs (military snare/low strings under noble brass, 
  • 4:46: Charra and Zee work together to fire their missiles at the Digger (low synth rumble and snare roll (Charra's theme), Digger motif in brass with Sentinel theme in strings, etc..).
  • 5:44: APU units continue fighting Sentinels, taking casualties (Sentinel theme, Zion Defense rhythm, string arpeggios, atonal piano cluster accent, rising accents/figures, etc..).
15 4:47 Die Brünett Walküre
  • 0:00: A second, massive swarm of Sentinels arrive and take out the central artillery unit (rising brass figures, rising female, then male chorus, then both, action strings/brass).
  • 0:50: Zee and Charra disable one of the Diggers, but a second Digger quickly arrives at the breach point (Charra synth/snare texture under noble brass/strings, atonal piano/brass accents into elements from Rising Power motif vs. Digger motif).
Mjolnir Mastication
  • 2:06: Niobe pilots the Hammer towards Zion as Sentinels swarm the ship's hull.  The ship's radio is disabled (energetic rising strings/brass, Nebuchadnezzar theme in tremolo trumpets vs. Sentinel motif in strings/tremolo brass).
Charra Broiled
  • 3:13: Charra and Zee manage to shoot at the second Digger from above, but Charra is killed when pursued (Charra synth/snare, brass figures, Nebuchadnezzar theme variation in strings, snare pauses for reflective brass, Sentinel motif/piano clusters, Zion Defense theme, slam, etc).
16 6:33 Woman Can Drive
  • 0:00: Lock gets a report of the approaching Hammer (tense tremolo strings, low brass). 
  • 0:26: Niobe navigates the mechanical line (energetic brass/strings, Fast forward motif, layers of dissonant brass).
  • 1:11: Lock orders the Zion gate to be opened for the Hammer, but Sentinels disable it (suspense strings derived from Mission scale, then same on winds/brass).
  • 1:46: Niobe successfully navigates the drop (pounding brass with reflective brass layer, Fast forward/Matrix ostinato motif, Rising Power, irregular brass accents, etc...).
Moribund Mifune
  • 2:37: Sentinels overtake the Dock and defenders are massacred (Tragic string figures based on Sentinel theme backed by chorus).
  • 3:12: Mifune fights the Sentinel swarm, but eventually needs a reload from the Kid (blend of trumpet-led Zion Defense rhythm, chorus, tremolo trumpets, atonal piano clusters (Sentinel attacks), variations of Sentinel theme/Digger motif/Nebuchadnezzar theme, etc...).
  • 5:05: The Kid reloads Mifune, but Mifune is taken down.  He tells the Kid to open the gate for the Hammer and dies. (brief "Kid fanfare", then noble brass figures/tremoli, back to valiant brass/strings with chorus, ending in a subdued texture and sad trumpet solo).
"(but) Captain... I didn't finish the training program."
"Neither did I."

Trk Dur Title Film Action and Themes
1 6:18 Kidfried
  • 0:00: As the Hammer gets closer to the Zion gate, the Kid gets in Mifune's APU and makes it to the gate (brass tremoli built on Sentinel motif with piledriver downbeats, rising brass/tremoli, Nebuchadnezzar motif, Kid fanfare, brass theme, Mission motif in piano/harp/strings, various action figures/swells, etc).
  • 1:25: Zee hears a transmission from Lock notifying his forces that the Hammer is about to arrive (brief hymn-like chorus, then back to action figures as before).
  • 2:07: Zee helps the Kid open the gate (Kid motif, tremolo brass variation of Rising Power motif, Fast forward strings, etc).
  • 2:55: The Hammer bursts through.  Link sets off the Hammer's EMP, disabling the attacking Sentinels (Crash motif as irregular pounding accents on percussion/brass and chorus, then relieved trombones/trumpets and high strings, relaxed brass/string texture joined by higher textures). 
  • 4:12: Link and Zee reunite (poignant high strings, relaxed winds).
To Our Snivel
  • 4:49: As more Sentinel swarms approach, Lock orders an evacuation of the Dock, and then blows charges sealing the entrance (low strings/brass, hint of Mission motif in tremolo strings, developing into brief Sentinel motif, suspense strings/brass swells).
2 3:21 Neovision
  • 0:00: Morpheus tells the Zion Council that Neo will not give up (noble brass/strings).
  • 0:28: Neo and Trinity surface near a pod field (which Neo sees as yellow glowing auras).  They follow the power lines which Neo saw previously in a vision (string/brass figures continue to develop, becoming more dissonant until joined by chorus (pod fields), low figures, then resolute brass/strings).
  • 1:59: The Zion defenders see the Sentinels restart one of their Diggers (Digger motif, suspense strings, brass swell/Digger motif).
  • 2:24: Lock tells the Council that if they want miracles, they should ask Morpheus (suspense textures).
3 4:01 Saw Bitch Workhorse
  • 0:00: Neo and Trinity approach the Machine City outer defenses, which soon activate (Mission motif with brief choral swell, building textures).
  • 0:29: The giant Machine defenses activate and launch a sky-full of Sentinel bombs, but Neo causes them to explode prematurely with his powers and Trinity powers through the fireworks (sinister brass/wailing chorus and deep, martial percussive slams, Sentinel motif, the One motif and variation).
  • 1:38: Sentinels attack and Neo is "pierced" by a Sentinel's aura (rising tremolo brass layers, chorus/strings, tense string/brass figures, increasing in intensity). 
  • 2:49: Trinity takes the Logos above the clouds to shake off the Sentinels (brief relaxed horn and chorus). 
  • The Logos dives back in to the dark clouds and Trinity restarts the stalled engine, but it crashes into the heart of the Machine capitol (Escape fanfare/Crash motif elements, joined by chorus, dissonant tremolo brass/Sentinel string/brass/piano clusters).
4 4:17 Trinity Definitely
  • 0:00: Neo discovers that Trinity is fatally injured from the crash (tense strings, cor anglais solo). 
  • 1:36: Trinity tells Neo how grateful she is for all he's been to her, and then after a final kiss, dies (variation of Trinity Love theme in high strings, then full theme on cor anglais, cellos, soft strings, ending in low sad texture).
5 5:06 Deus Ex Machina
  • 0:00: The Machines' Digger approaches Zion's last remaining defenses (low textures, Sentinel/Digger motifs).
  • 0:37: Neo makes his way through the Machine City, seeing everything as a yellow aura (tremolo strings/low winds, suspense texture, muted brass and winds, choral/brass interludes, tremolo strings, colored with subtle synth).
  • 1:52: Neo stands on a ledge above the Machine City, and is greeted by a "Deus Ex Machina" in the image of a giant baby-like face (intense strings and chorus, low brass, brief mysterious wind figure, brass fanfare (Wagner "Tristan Chord"), swirling strings).
  • 3:00: Neo challenges the Deus Ex Machina with a deal (brass swells and swirling strings/swells)
"The program Smith has grown beyond your control..." 
  • 3:21: Sentinels approach the Zion defenders, but pause at the last moment (swirling Sentinel strings with percussion and brass accents, brass fanfare into suspended atmosphere).
  • 4:04: The Deus Ex Machina creates an apparatus to allow Neo to jack in to the Matrix.  Niobe and Morpheus wonder at their fate (pulsing brass and arpeggiated strings, brass swells into string/wind figures).
"He fights for us."
6 6:01 Neodämmerung
  • 0:00: Neo approaches the "Oracle" Smith on a rainy street lined with Smiths. (anvil piledrivers into "Neodämmerung motif" (developed Mission motif) on piano/timpani, accented with brass fanfares, choral Sanskrit text based on the Hindu Upanishads, brass swell, strings pick up Neodämmerung motif.
"Mr. Anderson, welcome back.  We missed you."
"It ends, tonight."
  • 0:57: The two combatants run towards each other.  After a round of flying fists Neo knocks Smith down (slam followed by reflective brass, chorus/brass/timpani, etc), more reflective brass, Fast forward motifs).
  • 1:55: After a mid-air impact, the two continue fighting while ascending in the air.  Smith knocks Neo into a building (chorus/brass cont'd).
  • 2:17: Neo avoids Smith's next attack and launches a counter attack, leaving both stunned on the floor (brass stabs with Fast forward and reflective brass motifs, falling strings).
  • 2:40: Smith threatens Neo (Agent snarl, the One motif, Rising Power).  
"The purpose of life is to end." 
  • 3:14: Neo rallies and they fight once more in the abandoned room.  Smith is knocked out of a window (chorus/brass resumes with martial timpani, leading to accented cadence, falling strings, fanfares, etc). 
  • 4:10: The fight continues in the air, ascending into the sky (chorus cont'd/rising brass, piledrivers and brass accents, Fast forward motif, syncopated brass accents).
  • 4:52: Smith approaches Neo like a rocket and Neo is stunned by the impact.  Smith dives into the ground with Neo underneath (rhythmic piledrivers ("drum beats of doom"), supported by arpeggiated strings, brass stabs, then suspended strings/gong, eventually leading to a final, explosive choral/brass climax).
7 7:12 Why, Mr. Anderson?
  • 0:00: A crowd of Smiths converge around the edge of the impact crater (Agent snarl, low brass figures). 
  • 0:26: Neo attempts to get up.  Smith asks him why he continues (plaintive strings/muted brass, then a thick, almost melancholy harmony with a leading horn figure, ending in noble brass). 
 "Why, Mr. Anderson?  Why do you persist?"
"Because I choose to."
  • 1:57: With a heroic effort Neo gives Smith a "super-punch" and knocks him deep into the mud.  Neo looks at the Smiths lining the lip of the impact crater (brass swell, slams and brass accents lead to extended brass swells mixed with falling figure, ending in weary horns/strings).
  • 3:00: Oracle Smith flies out of the earth and knocks Neo down (rising brass fanfare, pounding brass accents over desperate strings).  
"This is my world, MY world!"
Spirit Of The Universe
  • 3:24: Smith realizes that he has reached a point where he has previously envisioned defeating Neo (rising string/wind/brass figures, brief moment of hymn-like piano/strings (Oracle message), then muted brass figures, hint of the One motif).
" 'Everything that has a beginning, has an end, Neo…' What?...What'd I just say?"
  • 4:35: Despite a moment of sudden fear, Smith is somehow compelled to infect Neo (strident brass/string and chorus in a big climax with percussion, ending with Agent snarl).  
"Is it over?"
  • 5:16: The Deus Ex Machina sends a charge through Neo's body and all of the Smiths explode, since, without Neo, Smith no longer had any purpose, and could be deleted (held brass/high strings, with Karma motif in celli, leads to dramatic brass/chorus/timpani accents, cadences).
"No, no, it's not fair..."
  • 6:27: Afterwards, Neo's body lies still in the Machine City.  The Oracle's body lies in the Matrix rain (low textures/quiet male chorus, soon joined by female chorus (still Sanskrit Upanishads)).
8 4:59 Bridge Of Immortality
  • 0:00: The Sentinels leave Zion, and the Kid spreads the word (optimistic tremolo strings and brass, brightening winds/brass, chorus with rising figures, sweeping figures with timpani added, hopeful horn solo over tremolo strings, choir).
"The War is over!" 
  • 1:52: Neo's body is transported through the Machine City (boy's voice quickly joined by choir, over high strings/brass/timpani).
For Neo
  • 2:18: A black cat wakes up Sati (high strings into Sati harp motif arpeggios, flute solo).
  • 2:37: The Architect and the Oracle have a final conversation (string tremoli, brass swell/high strings, low strings, brief the One ornament in harps/winds).
"What do you think I am, 'human'?" 
  • 3:32: Sati and Seraph join the Oracle under a beautiful sunrise (hopeful strings and brass with piano arpeggio, 2-note falling strings motif, fugue-like layers of brass and wind figures (reprise from "The Matrix" end credits), brass/string swells, ending in a final, victorious fanfare (slight Trinity motif) and piledriver).
9 9:14 Navras
(w. Juno Reactor)
  • 0:00: End Credits begin: Intro voices/slams
  • 0:16: Neodämmerung battle motif enters on piano, etc.
  • 1:12: Electronic synth and beats begin, vocal solos
  • 1:59: Staccato texture/beats w male voice
  • 2:13: Beats/staccato texture alternating
  • 2:56: Ethnic percussion/tabla/winds, chant, ending in long interlude of ambient synth, flute, voice, etc
  • 5:19: Percussion resumes
  • 5:32: Neodämmerung motif piano resumes with beats, some string cadences, vocal chorus
  • 6:26: Main synth beat resumes w ethnic chants
  • 6:57: Staccato elements rejoin, female chorus
  • 7:22: Staccato synth, followed by flute solo over main synth eat, interrupted by staccato synth/male solo, flute solo, etc...
  • 8:12: Neodämmerung motif briefly resurfaces, beats transform into final choral ending from Neodammerung cue
10 2:44 The Trainman Cometh (Original Ver.)
  • 0:00: Rama-Kandra tells Neo about his love for his daughter (soft strings and harp arpeggio (Sati theme), low string figure (Merovingian motif), then Karma motif on harp followed by Trinity Love theme on cor anglais under high strings).
  • 1:05: Seraph, Morpheus and Trinity chase the Trainman through subway platforms (Mission motif/City tremolo/reflective brass, metallic whistling, brass tremolo/fanfares, swirling strings, etc... eventually ending in brass swells).
11 2:14 Die Brunett Walkure (Alternate)
  • 0:00: A second, massive swarm of Sentinels arrive and take out the central artillery unit (rising brass figures, rising choir groups, action strings/brass).
  • 0:50: Zee and Charra disable one of the Diggers, but a second Digger quickly arrives at the breach point (Charra synth/snare texture under noble brass/strings, atonal accent into elements from Rising Power/Fast forward motif, Digger motif).
12 3:08 For Neo (Extended Ending)
  • 0:00: A black cat wakes up Sati (high strings into Sati harp motif arpeggios, flute solo).
  • 0:19: The Architect and the Oracle have a final conversation (string tremoli figure, reflective brass/high strings, low strings, brief the One ornament in harps/winds).
  • 1:15: Sati and Seraph join the Oracle under a beautiful sunrise (hopeful strings and brass with piano arpeggio, 2-note falling strings motif, echoed layers of brass and wind figures, brass/string swells, developed with a brief reflective brass swell and ending in final victorious fanfare and piledriver).
13 3:46 In My Head (Pale 3)
  • 0:00: Source music: Seraph, Morpheus and Trinity make their way through the Hell Club towards the Merovingian's table.

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