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Space Battleship Yamato: Series 3 (Miyagawa, 1981)

     Continuing the story of the Space Battleship Yamato, the 3rd television series (coming hot on the heels of the theatrical "Be Forever Yamato") introduced a new quest for the ship, as well as a larger palette of political intrigue over their interactions with the various space empires they encountered.  Some of the themes explored included the environment, imperialism, cultural tolerance and religious oppression.

     The score was again handled by franchise "MVP" Hiroshi Miyagawa, with help from pianist Kentaro Haneda (as in the last two productions).  Musically, the synthesizer element was toned down a bit, and there were no more "rerecordings" of Series 1 mono material, though a few themes were used as the basis for variations.  As usual there were several new themes including two for the Sun, themes for the new Bolar threat, the new Gamilas empire and Shalbart.  There were also two themes for Luda, the "love interest", with the main Luda theme being particularly delightful.  This round also had plenty of uptempo battle/chase music as well.

     As was done for the earlier productions, a "symphonic suite" album of concert arrangements of new themes was released before the series was aired.  Much of this material would find its way into the series itself.  Besides an additional 2 CD's worth of new music (BGM Part 1 and 2), the program as usual retracked the most iconic music cues from previous productions. 

Yamato III - Symphonic Suite
Trk Dur Title Episode Number (), Sequences, Themes
1 6:16 THE SUN
of the Sun)
0:00: Beautiful Sun theme featured on brass
0:50: Beautiful Sun theme on winds over harp/strings
1:24: B theme on brass, A theme returns on wordless female voice, developed with piano, etc, ending on brass cadence
2:36: String textures lead to sinister brass-driven figures with timpani,synth
3:27: Sad version of Beautiful Sun theme enters on brass, followed by tense figures developed
5:34: Sad Sun repeat and final cadence
2 2:10 Theme of
Yamato's New Crew
(4): The Yamato new recruits undergo a combat drill.
Uptempo, cheerful march theme in strings, winds, brass, repeat at 1:02.
3 2:06 Galman-Gamilas (10): Galman General Gaidel reports to Desslar that he has a birthday surprise coming.  Desslar sends him a new carrier.
Galman-Gamilas theme featured in brass layers, repeat at 0:56.
4 4:28 LOVE 0:00: Poignant solo strings over el. piano.
0:35: Strings enter over winds, etc…
1:09: Horn is featured, joined by wind ornaments
1:45: Repeat with strings
2:22: Ac. guitar and harp duo, eventually joined by rhythm section
3:18: Piano featured on melody, guitar returns (jazzy mood)
5 2:14 The 18th Armored Division (21): Desslar orders General Harmeyai to go to Phantom to investigate its strange properties.
Uptempo brass-driven funk-rock with fast hi-hat, ending on wind figure.
6 3:41 Bolar
Similar to BGM, but with added synth-cymbalom
0:00: Bolar theme on strings over synth-cymbalom.
0:58: Uptempo Bolar theme with rhythm.
1:31: Polka style, increasing speed.
1:49: Winds over string accents ending in brass accents, cymbalom
2:22: Repeat of 1st section (strings/cymbalom)
7 2:46 Planet Shalbart (II) (12): On Berth, prisoners worship Mother Shalbart, as the narrator explains her legend.
0:00: Shalbart theme on wordless female vocal/strings over piano arpeggios, ending in wind figures
1:06: Theme with vocal, rhythm, piano (repeat)
8 7:55 Desslar's
(4, 12, etc): On the Galman homeworld, Desslar receives reports from his generals.
0:00: Suspense textures in low brass, high metallic sounds/piano/strings
0:44: Danger accents in brass leading to tense string/brass figures
1:22: String figures with hints of Desslar Loneliness motifs ending in martial brass/snare
2:00: Regal theme in brass, rising figures, winds, Desslar Loneliness in strings blended with regal brass figures
3:23: Wordless female voice and rhythm section, leading to Shalbart theme variation
4:48: Piano cadenza leads to wind solos, theme in strings/rhythm, joined by piano
6:04: Desslar Loneliness motif variation in celli/flute, eventually returning to Shalbart theme with voice/rhythm/piano, ending in regal cadences.
9 3:02 Queen Luda's
(22): Planet Phantom gives Princess Luda into Domon and Ageha's care, since they expressed love for living things.
Luda theme on piano, soon joined by strings/rhythm, B section, A section embellished, etc
10 2:23 Queen Luda's
Luda theme on solo piano (slow) with variations, soon joined by violin in a duet.
11 2:40 Battle for
(9): The Yamato dodges the Galman Reflex Gun as Kodai searches the sky for reflective satellites.
Determined brass and violin-driven action cue with rhythm.  Galman-Gamilas theme after intro in violins, later briefly on trombones.  Repeat from theme at 1:22.
12 2:25 Bolar Commonwealth (Guitar Solo) Embellished variation of Bolar theme on acoustic guitar.
13-16: Bonus Tracks: Yamato karaoke songs collection 4.

Yamato III BGM Part 1
Trk Dur Title Episode Number, Sequences, Themes
1 1:56 Beautiful Sun A (1): Domon's parents lift off on a tour of the Sun.
Beautiful Sun theme on winds over harp/strings, brass B section with rhythm, A theme on violins, B on piano, A on strings, ending brass cadence.
2 2:46 Symphony
of the Sun I
(1): The EDF Commander tells Kodai that the Sun will go nova and Earth has only 1 year to live (montage of scientist discoveries).  He orders the Yamato to begin looking for a new home.
Sad Sun theme on brass/strings/timpani, mysterious/foreboding high figures on strings, brass accents, falling strings, winds, drums, etc, ending theme cadence.
3 2:24 Beautiful Sun B (?): Beautiful Sun theme on electric guitar over funk rock rhythm, soon joined by theme on winds/strings, brass, etc.
4 3:35 Bolar Federation I (2): Captain Ram from Berth and Galman forces engage near the Earth's Alpha Centauri base.
0:00: Bolar theme on slow strings
0:59: Uptempo with rhythm.
1:31: Polka, increasing speed.
1:49: Winds over strings, brass ending
2:20: Repeat of 1st section.
5 2:40 Fight I
(Up-tempo version)
(6): Near Brumas, the Yamato's Cosmo Tigers engage Dagon's Galman forces in order to help the Berth ship Legendra.
Fast version: Brass fanfare into action cue over rhythm.  Repeat at 1:14.
6 2:37 Tragedy of
Captain Ram
(6): Legendra's Captain Ram says his farewell to the Yamato as his ship explodes.
Bolar theme on solo violin, joined by solo cello, strings, oboe, repeat at 1:04, ending with coda.
7 3:13 Symphony
of the Sun II
(8): Opening narration (possible earlier?)
Version with added synth textures: Sad Sun theme on brass/strings/timpani, mysterious/foreboding high figures on strings, brass accents, falling strings, etc, ending theme cadence.
8 0:54 The Sun’s Fury (7): On Earth, the effects of the disturbed Sun are felt.  Also (8), when Earth sends cooling rays to the Sun, but the attempt fails.
Suspense strings/low brass, accents with timpani/snare.
9 2:53 Thoughts
of Home
(8): As Dr. Sado treats a sick man, his wife explains why they are on Barnard's Star.
Home piano theme, soon joined by strings, glockenspiel, brass, etc.
10 1:49 The Battle of
Barnard’s Star
(8): Dagon fires the new Reflex Gun at the Yamato.
Action cue with syncopated bass/drums.  Repeat at 0:49.
11 3:03 Homesickness (8): On Barnard's Star the landing party encounter 3 Earth deserters.
Theme on cello over harp, soon joined by piano/strings.  Repeat with melody on flute, oboe from 0:57.  Repeat at 1:58.
12 2:17 Relaxation (4): Dr. Sado treats sick patients during a combat drill.  Domon delivers food from the kitchen.  Also cafeteria music (10).
Soft rock with flute, violin theme.
13 3:40 Bolar Federation II (12): The Yamato is greeted by a commander from planet Berth, which is allied with the Bolar Federation and used as a prison camp. 
Same as 1st ver. but with synth-cymbalom added (close rerecording of version from Symphonic Suite).
14 2:43 Party (12): On Berth over dinner, commander Balsky tells the Yamato crew about the Bolar Federation.
Relaxing strings over slow rhythm.  Wind solos, etc.  Repeat at 1:32.
15 1:49 Unrest (13): Sanada leads a small team to surprise the Berth prisoners trying to commandeer the Yamato.
Tense brass/strings over slow piano chord rhythm, leading to more intense figures.  Repeat from 0:44.
16 3:03 Revolt (13): The Yamato reluctantly sends the prisoners back to the Berth prison.  Bolar PM Bemlayze meets with his council and plans vengeance.
Tense Bolar theme in tremolo strings, brass accents, figures, repeat at 1:54.
17 1:17  Chase B (13): The Yamato crew escape from Bemlayze's soldiers.
Uptempo rock with brass fanfares, swirling strings.
18 2:23 Menace of
(13): Kodai meets Bemlayze on Berth.  Bemlayze orders them captured for sympathizing with the prisoners.  Also (19), Bemlayze orders an attack on the Yamato for infringing on Bolar territory.
0:00: Fanfare, piano rhythm with Bolar theme in celli,
0:44: Bolar theme in piano
1:10: Theme in strings with violin ornaments, then back to piano, ending in brass cadence.
19 1:46 Quiet Fight (14): Captain Frakken's Galman Wolf subspace submarine fleet surfaces, and arrives at the Galman-Gamilas Eastern Forces base.
0:00: Mysterious piano/celeste pattern with suspense figures in brass, strings, winds
0:30: Fanfares, snare solo, brass suspense figures
20 2:50 Fight I (14): The Yamato uses smokestack missiles to force one of Galman Wolf's forces to surface from subspace.
Brass fanfare into action cue over rhythm, repeat at 1:19.  Slightly slower than "Uptempo" ver.
21 3:22 Desslar’s Palace I (16): The Yamato arrives at the Galman Empire as Desslar's guests.
0:00: Harp intro into piano/string-driven Shalbart intro.  Shalbart theme on brass/winds/piano/strings
1:32: Harp/piano cadenza, wind figures
2:00: B theme in strings/winds with rhythm
2:51: Melody in cello/winds, harp ending
22 3:08 Desslar’s Palace II (?): 0:00: Piano/string-driven Shalbart intro.  Shalbart theme on various instrument groups.
2:32: Tense figures, suspense cadence.
23 2:02 Galman-Gamilas Empire (11): Galman forces attack the Yamato after it emerges from the Cygnus space tornadoes.  Also (16), music for Desslar's military display as the Yamato crew observe.
Galman-Gamilas theme featured in brass layers, military snare, repeated with different ending cadences.
24 2:36 Battle of Bolar (13): Bemlayze leaves Berth as the Bolar forces attack the Yamato.  Also (15) when Bolar missiles are launched at the Galman-Gamilas homeworld.
Mid-tempo rock with electric guitar, orchestral ornaments, synth, rhythm, strings pick up melody in recap, ending in brass-driven cadence.
25 1:33 Desslar’s Crisis (?): Tension figures in strings/brass, snare, swirling strings, hints of Desslar Loneliness theme, ending brass cadences.
26 1:42 Bridge/Ending Variations 5 short cues (at 0:00:/0:14/0:34/0:57/1:13)

Yamato III BGM Part 2
Trk Dur Title Episode Number, Sequences, Themes
1 1:50 The Angry Sun (18): The Galman-Gamilas scientist Frausky begins an attempt to repair the Earth's Sun.
Melancholy strings, joined by brass, drums, strings, ending in final cadence.
2 1:26 Fate of the Earth (?): Danger fanfare, slow march with brass figure, joined by strings, synth.
3 3:10 Death of
the Brave
(18): When Frausky's plan fails, he lets his ship be destroyed by the Sun in shame.
Slow march with sweeping string melody over bass/snare and brass accents (somewhat Morricone-esque).  Melody picked up briefly in winds, repeat at 1:39.  Ends in low strings only.
4 2:03 Riot (18): The followers of Shalbart are chased on the Galman-Gamilas homeworld.
Rock-based suspense figures.  Repeat at 1:00.
5 2:44 Desslar’s
(18): Kodai says farewell to Desslar, who tells him that he should check out planet Phantom.
Piano ornaments lead to Shalbart intro and theme (solo piano, some chimes).
6 1:31 Search (19): The away team discover and explore an old spaceship.
Tense groove with muffled wah guitar, brass/wind ornaments, drums.
7 1:54 Shalbart
Pilgrim Ship
(19): They discover Mother Shalbart seekers, survivors of a crash.
Distressed figures, piano rhythm with guiro, joined by winds, strings.
8 1:49 Prayer of the
(19): An old man describes how the pilgrims are sick of war and have been looking for Shalbart for 25 years.
Shalbart theme starting on cello over tremolo violins, joined by other chamber strings.
9 2:58 Second Earth:
Planet Phantom
(20): The Yamato checks out planet Phantom, which somehow looks like a second Earth.
Flute/glockenspiel melody over lush string/brass and soft rhythm, repeats from 1:06.  
10 1:04 Chase A (20): Analyzer warns the Yamato crew that planet Phantom is full of danger, but he can't explain how he knows.
String-driven suspense groove with rising harmonies.
11 3:05 Party
(Samba version)
(20): An exploratory team is sent down to check out Phantom.  They find birds, deer, etc.
Uptempo Party theme with samba percussion.  Wind solos, etc.  Interlude at 1:45 uses some EDF fanfare motifs.
12 2:05 Momentary
(21): Domon and Ageha lie in the grass, when a vision of a girl (Princess Luda) appears to Ageha.
Noble figures in distant horns, leading to relaxed figures with strings, piano, rhythm. 
13 1:44 Vision (19): An away team made up of the new crew members investigates a strange signal in space.  Also (20) the landing party start seeing dead relatives and other odd visions.
0:00: Mysterious piano, joined by flute/muted brass, suspense motifs based on EDF themes, ending in brass cadence.
1:01: Tic toc rhythm with wind figures.
14 3:43 Cosmo Entity (10): The Yamato is forced by the Galmans to navigate towards the space tornadoes of Cygnus.  Also (21) when Phantom's living/morphing landscape turns on the Earth & Gamilas landing parties, while Domon and Ageha are lured by the Luda-vision through an underground tunnel deeper into the planet.
0:00: Metal glissandi, sound effects, soon joined by variation of Galman-Gamilas theme on piano/drums
1:08: Theme on violin
2:05: Theme on delayed electric guitar
2:31: Violin resumes, with various "effects" swirling around 
15 1:42 Princess Luda (22): Princess Luda is brought back to the Yamato and introduced.
Luda's theme on acoustic guitar, bass, bongos and cymbals.
16 3:19 Wandering (15): In a flashback, Desslar recounts how he found the Galmans (ancestors of the Gamilas) and liberated them from the Bolar Federation.  Also (23), the opening narration explains that the Yamato has checked out 132 candidates for a new Earth, and now they are on their last one, Scalageck.
Tense piano/percussion rhythm leads to suspenseful/mournful theme on low brass.  Strings and brass accents soon enter, ending with added wind trills.  Repeat at 1:36.
17 1:11 Secret Maneuvers (14): The Galman Wolf's subspace ships prepare torpedoes in a sneak attack on the Yamato.  Also (23), Yuki and the landing team discover the remains of shot down EDF ships (destroyed by the Bolar Federation).
Suspense strings, joined by echoed piano figures, harp arpeggios, wind ornaments.
18 2:42 Surprise Attack
of the Bolar fleet
(23): When Kodai refuses to give up Luda to them, Bolar forces attack.
Fanfares with synth lead into alternate arrangement of themes from Battle of Bolar (featuring electric guitar/synth leads).
19 1:45 Fight II
(Up-tempo version)
(23): Cosmo Fighters engage Bolar capital ships.
Variations of motifs from Black Tigers (fast).
20 2:47 Planet Shalbart (I) (24): The Yamato is led to Shalbart by Princess Luda and they land in the ocean.  Shalbart is very Earth-like.
0:00: Shalbart main theme on lush violins over piano.
0:44: Wind B figure
1:06: Rhythm section and additional winds enter, followed by piano lead, additional added layers.
21 2:03 Wish for Peace (24): The crew enjoy the pastoral surroundings.  Domon suggests that Earth conquer the planet, and Kodai says he is embarrassed to admit that the thought had crossed his mind.
0:00: Harp gliss leads into Shalbart theme on violin/rhythm section, with acoustic guitar ornaments
0:46: Acoustic guitar and violin featured on theme
22 2:24 Battle of Shalbart (24): Bolar forces invade Shalbart.
Uptempo action cue using Shalbart theme material on violins, supported by electric guitar, piano and rock rhythm.  Repeat at 1:08.
23 2:46 Valley of
the Tombs
(24): After the Yamato and Desslar dispatch the Bolar invaders, Princess Luda takes Kodai to visit the Royal Graveyard.
0:00: Opening brass figures, synth bridge, then Shalbart theme on synth over rhythm with electric guitar/synth glissandi.
1:08: B theme on violins supported by piano ornaments, returning to main theme.
1:51: Opening brass figures reprise.
24 1:46 Love (24): After offering the HydroCosmoGen Cannon, Princess Luda hugs Ageha farewell and then takes her place as the new Mother Shalbart.
0:00: Theme A on violins, celeste, celli
0:27: Theme B on flutes, violins
0:55: Repeat in higher strings/harp
25 1:56 Fight II (25): While on the deck of the Yamato during a Bolar attack (trying to fix the HydroCosmoGen Cannon), Domon is shot, despite Ageha's protective fire.
Variations of motifs from Black Tigers.
26 2:10 Two Lives (25): Ageha, seeing a vision of Princess Luda/Mother Shalbart, flies into the Bolar Space Fortress, sacrificing himself.
0:00: Luda's theme on vibraphone over rhythm/piano/percussion.
0:54: Theme passed to violin.
27 2:44 Luda of Shalbart (25): Princess Luda (now Mother Shalbart) appears as a vision and tells Kodai that she will take Ageha's soul back to Shalbart with her.
Relaxed Luda's theme on piano, soon joined by acoustic guitar/rhythm section. Repeat at 1:21.  

     Previously unused tracks that were repurposed for Yamato III can also be found on the Sound Almanac discs Yamato 2 BGM Part 2, New Voyage BGM, and Be Forever BGM.  There are still just a few items leftover from the BGM and Eternal Edition releases of Series 3 music which are not included on the first round of Sound Almanac releases.  However a couple can be found on the recent Sound Almanac Music Addendum, noted (*) below:
 Additional Tracks
YIII BGM 9 2:44 Planet Shalbart Theme: A theme on high synth/piano, joined by violins, B theme on winds/rhythm, A theme reprise with rhythm, B on piano, A on synth/violins/rhythm (*).
YIII BGM 19 2:20 Theme Of Yamato's New Crew: slightly slower version of YIII-SS 2 (*)
YIII BGM 21 1:46 Pursuit: Suspense rhythm driven by accented low strings, piano, brass, electric guitar, etc, recap at 0:50 (slower combined version of Chase A and B: BGM 2.10, 1.17).
E.E. 7 30 1:30 Be Forever Yamato (TV vocal song, Mono)
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